Collect, process and classify all of your enterprise data.

The platform

All your projects, indicators & data in one place We make all your data accessible on one platform that acts as a simple project management tool and is customizable to your organization’s specific process requirements. Easy to use, secure and reliable. Your data, your decision: visualize, track and detect fraud. You keep track of your workforce and report efficiently to your donor. Your existing IT-systems link to us through an open API.

The AppStore for NGOs

Mobile activity tracking for your workforce. We start where you are: mobile, with little or no internet connection needed. We offer a range of mobile tracking solutions that match your process requirements in our AppStore for NGOs, giving third parties the possibility to offer their solution conveniently connected to our platform. We aim to reduce the workload in daily reporting for staff so they can focus on the beneficiary.

The Social Impact Library

Classify your projects and data and learn from it. We are currently building a centralized data warehouse and KPI library to collect, organize, classify and compare data metrics and outcomes throughout your organization. It draws information and weight from three main sources: semantic web search of existing relational data (donor organizations, publications, etc.), from academic research and “manual” classification of the basic dependency structure, and from “classification” on the go.

Our Alpha-Product

TolaData Version 1

TolaData is the alpha-version of our platform, tested in over 19 countries around the world; this open-source code is agile, reliable and process driven. TolaData enables the linking, combining and sharing of multiple data services and formats through its open API. There is a short video demonstration you can find here .

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