Quickly deploy code from your Github repository to a Kubernetes cluster

Say ‘goodbye’ to juggling multiple tools and integration complexity.
Deploy code from your Git repositories to a Kubernetes cluster within minutes.
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Release orchestration for development environments

All your Github repositories on one user interface

Login to our platform with your Github account. Your current Github repositories sync quickly to our platform displaying the repositories. View the repositories and select the modules you want to deploy to a Kubernetes cluster.

Run your dev infrastructure from one place
You pipelines, your way

Abstraction of complex scripting of configurations

Behind-the-scenes, our platform loads container images into a registry, spins your database, configure namespaces in Kubernetes, takes care of ingress, SSL, DNS, secrets, manifests, and the setup of your environment. Complex scripting configurations be gone.

Get started quickly

Go from opening an account to deployment of your modern web app within 10-minutes. No knowledge of Kubernetes needed to start. 

Run your dev infrastructure from one place

Current Toolchain Integration

Learn how quick setup can be on our How to Get Started page.

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