Quickly deploy code from your Github repository to a Kubernetes cluster

Say ‘goodbye’ to juggling multiple tools and integration complexity.
Humanitec provides an open API and developer-focused UI to quickly deploy code from your Git repositories to a Kubernetes cluster.
Release orchestration for development environments

Continuous Delivery from Github to Kubernetes

Login to our developer-focused UI with your Github account. Let Github Actions build container images from your repositories. View the images and select the ones you want to deploy as an application to a Kubernetes cluster.

Run your dev infrastructure from one place
You pipelines, your way

Humanitec abstracts away the complexity of Kubernetes configs

Behind-the-scenes, Humanitec loads container images into a registry, spins your database, configures namespaces in Kubernetes, takes care of Ingress, SSL, DNS, secrets, manifests, and the setup of your environment.

Get started quickly

Test Humanitec’s open API and a developer-focussed UI to master Continuous Delivery for Kubernetes-ready applications today.  No knowledge of Kubernetes needed to start.

Run your dev infrastructure from one place

Current Toolchain Integration

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