Toolchain Integration

Flexible toolchain integration with no manual configuration and scripting required — resulting in a simplified workflow on one user interface.
Release orchestration for development environments

Your whole toolchain on one user interface.

Get started quickly and reduce scripting, configuration errors by abstracting away the complexity of toolchain integrations. Integrate a current toolchain, or use our default version to start monitoring your entire tool pipeline from one user interface.
Our platform sits on top of your Kubernetes infrastructure as a neutral layer enhancing current team workflows, not hindering them.

Easy config

Configure your entire toolchain from one user interface reducing your cognitive overload.

No lock-in

Integrate a current toolchain, or use our default version to get started with no prior knowledge of Kubernetes required. Avoid the vendor lock-in effect.


Abstract away the complexity of configuring and scripting new toolchain integrations.

Current Toolchain Integration

Current Toolchain Integration

Humanitec has built an Internal Developer Platform to simplify the deployment and testing of your modern web apps.

As an Environments-as-a-Service (EaaS) solution, our platform leverages abstraction to help you speed up the configuration process — so that you can focus on what you do best.

Coding rather than configuring.

Open an account and deploy your modern web app to an internal dev environment within 10-minutes. Learn how.

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