All eyes on engineering

At Humanitec

We are building solutions that engineering teams rely on - their obligation to deliver product excellence motivates us to create. Our solutions help hard-working people excel at what they do, be it the non-profit worker in Uganda or the billion dollar corporate in Germany.

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A positive product company

Humanitec fosters a working culture that enables creativity and open discussion whilst simultaneously delivering efficient and exceptionally useful tools that enable developers to build enterprise level application at lightning speed. Our engineers excel when confronted with the unique challenges of pushing technology beyond its current limits. Humanitec is a unique workplace that will allow you to grow and develop in an interesting and socially responsible environment.

Customer first

User focused to the core. From the developer to the executive we build what you need based on your feedback. We have no reason to exist if we can’t make your life easier.

Open and honest

A culture of open, meaningful and straight-to-the-point communication - the best idea always wins. The only thing that counts is solving the problem.

Driven by impact

What we do matters. We are pushing technology for a better tomorrow.

Don’t waste resources

We spend wisely and responsibly and only if it has a direct impact on our productivity or business.

Be diligent and challenge

To build something truly innovative requires hard work and rigorous attention to detail. We strive for excellence in everything we do.

Fail fast, learn fast

We have a healthy attitude towards failure. We continuously learn and analyze how to get better with every release.

Did you know?

Humanitec started off as open source software for non-governmental organizations and that our mission of enabling grassroots organizations is at the core of everything we do?

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