Get the software your business really needs. Really fast.

The software built using our platform will follow your business process, not the other way around.

Custom software faster than ever

We speed up devteams to craft beautiful, user-centric apps that integrate with your existing software landscape.

Never get caught in the legacy trap again

Microservices on our marketplace can be 100% customized while ensuring the hightest degree of security and ownership.

Happy developers

You developers will appreciate never  having to code the same stuff over and over again.

Tap into innovation

Tab into our network of qualified, hand-picked partners to build custom solutions where you know quality will be superior.

Save and make money

Lower costs, more revenue. Our approach beats any legacy system in lifetime cost.

Lower your IT cost

Reusing microservices from our marketplace will drive down your IT costs. We never charge you for using your own IP.

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Saves resources and time

Teams building on Walhall decrease their cost and increase their speed.

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Speed up

Increase your teams performance by reusing code, never starting from scratch again and automating configurations.

Our ownership model

What we are used for

Our use cases include portfolio management solutions for global NGOs and fieldforce management software for corporates.

Custom enterprise apps

The apps you really need to run your operations no matter what features you need.

Legacy system extensions

Pull data from your existing systems and brief new life into them.

Rapid prototyping

In under three minutes from idea to fully deployed enterprise-grade app.