Stop bandaging legacy systems and build the software your business really needs.

You can modernize your IT systems by building and reusing enterprise grade microservices on our platform.

Never start from scratch again

Rely on tested, well-maintained code build by leading IT teams across the world.

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Enterprise-grade microservices and apps

Fork microservices or complete apps from the marketplace into your organizations repos and customize them way your business requires.

Become stack agnostic

Build new microservices starting from our library of blueprints, with pre-built authentication, in any framework or stack.

Tested at scale

Our microservices and IP model have been screened and approved by Fortune 500 companies.

Focus on innovation

We automate all of the configuration so you can focus on delivering innovation to your business.

Automated deployment

From microservices to running applications in under 60 seconds is as easy as DevOps can get.

Deployment automation

Rapid app development

Our core authentication layers  ensure security and compatibility between the microservices.

Rapid development

Tailored to your needs

Use full apps or just backend or frontend services. Style them with our UI component library or use your own.

Build what your business really needs

Faster than ever before, 100 % customizable and connected to all of your systems.

Extend your legacy system

Use your own microservices or those built by others to extend your existing systems, quickly and with minimal effort.

Nothing you cannot customize

Whether or not you built the microservice, you can always customize the source code in your own GitHub repos to fit your needs.

Connect all your systems

Strictly separated frontends and backends let you pull in data from all your existing system into a user centric workflow.