Ship that product, dude

We help you jumpstart development of your SaaS offering, ensure quality architecture and automate whatever possible. While ensuring that your IP remains your IP - investors love it.

Jumpstart your app development in no time

The first 60k you would otherwise put into configuring your infrastructure can now be done in three minutes.

Don’t build another social OAuth!

Common application features are available in our microservice marketplace to just plug in to your app.

Your IP stays your IP

What you build with us stays in your GitHub account, guaranteed. Tested with startups and their wonderful investors.

Pay when you make money

You'll only get charged when you use others' microservices - and you'll be compensated when they use yours.

Your prototype up and running in minutes

We automate devops and significantly speed up development

Smoothly from MVP to unicorn

Don't worry about your prototype breaking. Our robust infrastructure can handle massive volume.

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Quality architecture

Our Core authentication layer enables you to build a high quality microservice architecture.

Rapid development

Automated deployment

We take care of deployment, scaling, and monitoring - you don't need to worry about DevOps.

Deployment automation

New ways to monetize

Offer up part of your app - or the whole thing - and let other dev teams help you monetize.

Check the ownership model

Revenue from your microservices

Publish some or all services on the marketplace and set a selling price per API call.

Package your app and let others sell

Building an awesome app in Europe but don’t know how to sell in Japan? Package it and let a Japanese team take over.

Exclude competitors

You can whitelist competitors or share your code only with specific teams. Your IP, your rules.