A scalable Heroku alternative that doesn't lock you in

Humanitec provides an elegant, open API and a developer-focused UI to master Continuous Delivery for Kubernetes-native applications. Your affordable alternative to Heroku.
Release orchestration for development environments

How does Humanitec compare as a Heroku alternative?

Zero vendor lock-in.

Bring your own setup. Host environments on your own GCP or AWS account, or choose to use our out-of-the-box solution hosted by Humanitec. Don’t be dependent on anyone’s infrastructure.

More microservices, no problem.

As you scale up your microservices, don’t pay the high price tag. With Humanitec, pay for one Kubernetes cluster on your preferred hosting provider.

Less cost - more scalability.

Humanitec is an affordable Heroku alternative. Our price doesn’t increase rapidly as you clone and set up new environments or receive more traffic.

As your team and projects grow, never be limited.

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As a growing startup, we needed a Heroku alternative that didn’t break the bank as we scaled up our app projects. Humanitec offered the flexibility we looked for.

CTO of a Series B Startup

Current Toolchain Integration

Deploy your first app with Humanitec in 10 minutes.

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