Hosted Environments

Don’t stress over your cloud-dev setup

Setting up and maintaining cloud resources and development environments can be time-consuming. Humanitec enables you and your dev team to spin up shared cloud environments faster, independently, and hassle-free. You can run environments on your GCP or AWS account, or use our hosted environments. Choose to host your setup with Humanitec and allow us to manage things like Kubernetes clusters and standard databases.

Run on a best-of-breed infrastructure

Humanitec doesn’t reinvent the wheel. Our managed services are market-standard and on a best-of-breed infrastructure that is reliable, scalable, and well-tested. Pick and choose how you want to run your environments. Want to use your own container registry? No problem. Want Humanitec to take care of provisioning databases? We got you covered. DNS? Do you even have to ask? Your freedom of choice, guaranteed.

Managed Kubernetes clusters

Humanitec offers managed Kubernetes clusters running on GCP infrastructure. Managed Kubernetes clusters allow you to eliminate the effort of setting up and maintaining your own clusters, so you can focus on more complex tasks.

Release orchestration for developer environments
Release orchestration for developer environments

Managed standard databases

Humanitec provides managed databases that easily integrate into environments and free you and your developer team up from commissioning or managing databases yourself. Pick from a range of different relational and non-relational standard databases.

Managed container registry

Humanitec offers a hosted and fully-managed registry to store your images. You can use the registry to push your own images or use it to fully integrate with Humanitec’s build service for containers. Get full access to the registry so that you can use the images wherever you need them.

Find the configuration that best works for you.

Have complete control over your setup and configure your environments the way you need them.

Choose where you focus your time.

Focus your attention on solving business problems, innovating, and increasing individual team member productivity, rather than maintenance and setup. Reduce your time maintaining and provisioning toolchain and infrastructure. Run your setup on Humanitec’s hosted environments and get started faster.

Deploy your first app with Humanitec in 10 minutes.

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