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An ecosystem of open integrations to extend and customize your Internal Developer Platform.

What it does

Integrate your toolchain

The Platform API receives build-notifications from any CI tool, integrates with any image registry and works in tandem with CD tools like Argo, Flux or Harness.

Integrate your infrastructure

Humanitec orchestrates your infrastructure. You can wire it up to existing resources (cluster, database, DNS, etc.) or let it provision new resources exactly the way you want.

Customize your setup

While the Platform API does the heavy lifting (RBAC, infra orchestration, etc.), you can customize configs and webhooks to design the exact workflows your team requires.

Integrate your toolchain

Humanitec integrates with any CI pipeline (through a simple CURL or WGET) and gets notified of new image builds. It connects to any registry to pull images to be deployed to the correct namespace. Optionally, it can integrate with CD tools like Harness, Flux, Argo and others.

Integrate your infrastructure and IaC

Humanitec integrates with your infrastructure using open source Drivers. Drivers are services that can provision and configure any resource, in the cloud and on-premise. They work on their own or in tandem with your existing IaC setup. Our off-the-shelf drivers cover all major ecosystems. You can build your own custom Driver.

What is a driver

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Building your own driver


Infra Orchestration


The Platform API lets you set baseline YAML files that can be used as default configurations by all other teams. Humanitec allows you to customize your workflows to the exact needs of your team. This can range from building an entire UI or pulling data to build additional views and apps to enhance your workflow. Webhooks let you build powerful automations for your platform to interesect with third party systems such as Jira, Slack and more.

Custom extensions

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PR Environments


Config management


Build powerful automations

The deployment automation functionality lets you define how to update a given environment when a new image is built. Webhooks can be used to notify third party systems (e.g. Slack, Jira).
Features overview

The power stack

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