Discover and reuse your code

Import code from all your repositories into one unified library. Easily tag and index your services to monitor them from code to app. Collaborate as a team and reuse across your organization.

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Import and share

Connect all your existing repositories from Github, Gitlab or Bitbucket to the platform.

Allow teams across business-units or external contributors to see meta-data and spot redundancy while remaining compliant.

Collect all data in one place for end-to-end analysis.

Tag, classify and index

Reduce redundancy by making your modules more searchable. Tag and classify new services in an efficient way and index across your global code-base. Automated analysis around deployability and quality of your code helps you move faster from service to app.

Collaborate and reuse

Understand who is responsible for what version of your services, ping them to help you reuse and see where modules are deployed in your multi-cloud setup.

Govern and monitor from code to hosted application.

Blueprints in any stack that can be customized to your teams' coding conventions help you design for reusability by automatically connecting to our gateway layers.

Reduce redundancy

Enterprise teams around the world use this to reduce redundancy in their global code-base, break down silos and increase collaboration between teams while staying compliant. As a data-aggregation layer, the Internal Library helps you make data-driven decisions and monitor your efforts. Setting up your internal library is as easy as authenticating with your existing repository social auth.

The internal library is part of our 3-steps end-to-end flow for building modern apps in seconds. While the Internal Library helps you Discover, our Gateway lets you Design high-quality microservice architectures out of the modules and create modern apps in seconds. Our one-click deployment feature enables your engineers to Deploy these apps to any infrastructure.

Build new apps in seconds

Stop reinventing the wheel. Leverage your existing services and blueprints for rapid app development.

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Migrate to microservices the smart way

Transform your infrastructure into advanced microservice architectures. Break up monoliths as a team.

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Connect APIs to legacy systems

Spin up connector-services from your library or blueprints. Deploy and monitor them on any infrastructure.

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