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A collection of videos to understand how Humanitec fits in your setup and how different users in your org can make the most of your IDP.

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Understand IDPs

A library of videos, interviews and learning materials on platform engineering, developer self-service, Infrastructure as Code and general DevOps topics


Get started with Humanitec

Step by step guides on how to set up your first application on Humanitec, how to wire up your infrastructure and build your platform V1.

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Webinar recordings

Recordings of 50+ webinars on platform and DevOps topics with speakers such as Jason Warner (Github), Manuel Pais (Team Topologies) and many more.

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Humanitec tutorials

Check our tutorials and learn how to work with an Internal Developer Platform built with Humanitec.

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Platform engineering

Join the largest community of platform engineers. Learn about job openings, events and best practices.


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Weekly event series featuring industry renowned speakers from the world of developer self-service, platforms and DevOps.

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In-depth content, DevOps benchmarking studies and much more.



Thought-leadership articles from guest authors and Humanitec’s engineering team.


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Biweekly release notes from Humanitec’s product team.



What we are working on, new features coming up.



Keep up to date with bi-weekly DevOps industry news and the latest from Humanitec.

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Find quick answers to the most common questions, gathered from our users.