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Release orchestration for development environments

Manage and provision resources outside your cluster

We help you manage out of cluster resources such as databases, file storage, or public DNS names.
Applications depend on resources that run outside of Kubernetes.
We help you manage them.

Automation beyond Kubernetes

For a great developer experience, deployment automation needs to include the provisioning and configuration of out-of-cluster resources. Enable everybody in your team to spin up new environments complete with out-of-cluster resources on demand.

Connect your setup out of the box

Connect everything from databases to file-storage and DNS through standard integrations provided by Humanitec or the community. Provision and configure out-of-cluster resources as needed and connect them to environments at run-time.

Use resource drivers

Use resource drivers to connect more exotic resources. Through our external resource drivers, it is possible to connect all your fancy tech outside the cluster to Humanitec.

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