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Moving your dev process

Take a sneak-peek into how simple onboarding onto the platform actually is.

Moving your dev process

Setting up your infrastructure

Not much to do here but authorize Humanitec with your version control system. You can now deploy to a hosted Kubernetes cluster or connect a cluster from your favourite hosting providers. Starting with us is a matter of minutes. Have a CI/CD tool you want to link? No worries, we got you covered. Otherwise we’re offering one out of the box.


Create your app and add services

We’ll tell you whether the services in your VCS are ready for deployment (Dockerfile all in place). Just select them and we’ll build them. Choose from a library of configurable templates to build new ones- They’ll be ready to roll from the get-go. Want to add a gateway and databases? Just a few clicks.

We’ll do our magic

There’s a whole lot going on in the background like us loading the container images into a registry, spinning up your database, configuring namespaces in Kubernetes, taking care of ingress, SSL, DNS, secrets, manifests and setting up your environment. This step is fairly relaxing for you, just lean back and drink your first coffee.


All app and running

Your app is up and running and the service is presented at a default-domain until you add your own. Continue working and committing your code as normal. When you’re ready to update a service, just redeploy it independently.

Take a sneak-peek into the first day of a team developing a modern web app with Humanitec

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