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Open positions

Working for us means challenging the status quo, pushing the boundaries of possibility within all areas of software engineering today. If you are interested to work with us do not hesitate to send us your unsolicited application to

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Our interview process

Our interview process and methods will be personalized to your skill-set and the job you are applying to. To us, it’s vital that once accepted to an interview, everyone has an equal chance to present his or her abilities. We constantly improve our HR workflows to make sure applying for a job at Humanitec is a pleasant experience, please be invited to pass us feedback on your own experience with us!

Phone interview

It all begins with a 30-minute phone interview. If you are around, we also enjoy meeting you directly in person. We’d like to know as much about you as possible, so tell us all about your previous work experience as well as your personal interest in Humanitec — brownie points if you can demonstrate a sound knowledge of our platform! This is also your chance to ask us questions about your role, our company culture and anything else you would like to know about us, so fire away!

Technical interview

After getting to initially know each other for the first time, we schedule a more technical and in-depth interview with each candidate to get an idea of your experience with technology and how it has influenced you and your career. We love to hear about what you’ve been working on in any previous jobs or side projects, as well as what fascinates you and the ways in which you want to evolve your skills. Open-source contributions or an interesting GIT profile/portfolio are a big plus for us.

Coding challenge

Depending on the position, we decide whether an applicant should take on a brief technical assignment to be conducted alongside a senior engineer from one of our departments. These assignments vary depending on your level of expertise and the technologies to which you are applying. You will be able to ask questions and will be equipped with everything you need to excel at the task.

Technical team interview

After getting to know each other during the first round of Interviews, it's time for you to meet our team for an on-site interview. To us and our workforce, it’s important that team members fit well with one another and are able to pool their strengths together while having fun! Meeting us should make you feel confident, enthusiastic and happy.


We will take care of all organizational aspects of your visits. Our admin teams are here to help you in making your travel as smooth as possible.

Be authentic

We hire talent and personality and that’s the only thing that matters. Come as you are and don’t worry about apparel. Tell us what you love and how your interests shape your work ethic. We take great care of our company culture and our teams are friendly, positive and ambitious.

Ask if something is unclear

We foster an open culture where the best idea wins. The same applies to our interviews. Be open, direct and ask questions. We are choosing you but the same holds true from your perspective – we want to make sure you are comfortable with your choice of us.