Everything in harmony

Our authentication layers BiFrost (backend) and Midgard (frontend) make sure all microservices work together when you load them in your new app.

Rapid app development in 2 steps

Fork microservice blueprints

We offer blueprint microservices in a variety of frameworks and stacks that easily connect to our API gateway.

Or reuse existing microservices

From your internal library available in frontend and backend.

Our ownership model

They work together in harmony

BiFrost and Midgard fuse the services together into a single userinterface and API for rapid app development.

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Ready to roll with BiFrost

BiFrost is an API gateway that auto-detects the endpoints of your application's microservices and fuses them into a single API. It acts as a service mesh as well as an authorization and authentication layer.

Framework-agnostic frontend with Midgard

Midgard is the core frontend client for your application, written in vanilla JavaScript and implemented in multiple frameworks. It fuses and injects the application services into a comprehensive UI, and it communicates with the services via the BiFrost API.

Use Freyja to build beautiful interfaces

Our open source UX/UI component library helps you to build enterprise- grade interfaces and ensures a consistent look and feel among your frontend services.

High-quality microservice architecture

With BiFrost and Midgard handling the communication between your microservices, your microservice architecture will be scalable and robust right out of the box. You don't need to worry about the nitty-gritty of configuring and deploying your architecture - you can manage deployments right from your GitHub repo.

Simple onboarding

We integrated smoothly in your existing workflow and infrastructure. Get your team started in minutes.

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Deployment automation build-in

The Walhall platform automatically deploy your services to a global delivery network in seconds.

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Well documented

Documentation is super important to us. Check it out and engage with us or the community if there are any questions. We are here to help.