Senior Frontend Software Developer - Enterprise Unit

At Humanitec, you will be part of a group of people who relish the opportunity to work closely together to collectively build solutions for a more efficient and transparent society. As a company, we value our progressive and forward-thinking principles.


Humanitec is developing a platform that helps teams radically speed up their application development using microservice architecture. We are leveraging cutting-edge technology to  create the application development platform of tomorrow, which will enable dev teams to focus on writing unique code and developing enterprise business solutions faster than ever. Our enterprise development teams are our first users, delivering complex solutions in the fields of global workforce management, organizational management, data consolidation and analysis, IoT integration, and many more. We love open source and share what we do wherever possible so you can reuse it.

General position summary

The Senior Front-End Developer will work with the software development team to design, test and build front end UI components for the current and future suite of Humanitec applications. The primary focus will be on Angular 5+, Redux, SASS and Progressive web application development. In addition, reporting dashboards and templates will be designed and maintained for dynamic and real time data analytics platforms using mostly RESTful state API data services.

Essential job functions

  • Work with the team to enhance and develop new user interfaces for existing applications and help extend the frameworks to adapt to future use cases.
  • Support the backend API data service to help front end developers build and deploy new JavaScript and Redux driven dashboards and reports for country programs.  Fluent in Angular/Typescript, ECMAScript 6+, HTML5 and CSS/SASS with best practices.
  • Previous experience in consuming Restful API with NgRx (Redux for Angular).
  • Knowledge of ReactiveX library for JavaScript (RxJS) to handle asynchronous or callback-based code.
  • Experienced with agile project management methods (Scrum) and how to integrate good design principles into iterative development approach.  
  • Preferably familiar with Test-driven development (TDD) with Jasmine and Karma for Angular applications.
  • Preferably familiar with Service workers and Progressive web applications (PWA).
  • Familiar with standard continuous integration, build and testing tools and other modern DevOps and deployment strategies.

Collaboration and learning

  • Member of software development and global rollout team.  Work with non-technical team on support and debugging requests from users in the field.
  • Provide support to customer teams to take advantage of the platform’s built-in feedback loops and enable iterative improvements to program implementation.
  • Contribute to high-level discussion about design best practices within the user feedback communication channels.

Supervisory Responsibility

No direct reports but possible product lead for level 2 front end developers responsible for general front-end and UI. Supervisory as well as follow excepted development guidelines and participate in routine code reviews.

Direct report: VP Engineering

Knowledge and experience

  • Experience with or understanding of Agile development process and ability to self-manage pace and time within the scope of a project.
  • Interested in iterative learning systems or feedback loops and working with a human-centered design approach.
  • Exemplary organizational, communication and presentation skills.
  • Excellent writing skills – ability to write in a variety of styles for multiple audiences.

Success factor

The Front-End Software Developer will have strong organizational skills and the ability to interact effectively with international and national personnel. He/she will have excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, and a demonstrated ability to multi-task and process information into action.  Willing to collaborate and work in a team environment with other learning driven team members focused on delivering and improving on every aspect of the software and the software development process.

Why join Humanitec

  • Be a part of the team that builds the development platform of the future
  • Plenty of opportunities to contribute to open source projects
  • Clear career development plan 
  • Constant increase of knowledge through conference visits and personal coaching 
  • Want to sharpen your public speaking skills? We’ve got you covered!
  • A friendly work environment where openness is valued and initiative is encouraged
  • Fresh fruit, coffee, drinks, regular team events, a sunny courtyard and up-to-date hardware are all here to ensure optimal working conditions!

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