Product Feature

Self-service UI/CLI

A unified UI or CLI for developers to self-serve deployments, environments, databases and more. Golden paths, without restricting those who want to go low-level.

How it fits in

Developers are no longer required to handle dozens of scripts and tools. Instead, they use the UI or CLI to self-serve the tech they need to run their apps and services. Depending on their assigned access control, they can now apply changes to baseline configurations, rather than fiddle with YAML or IaC scripts. The UI or CLI will execute their requests against the platform API. The API puts the resources into the correct state using open source drivers and applies application configuration.

Next level DevEx

The standard workflow does not change with an IDP. Developers apply changes to the code, do a git-push and the environment is updated by the platform automation in the background. If a developer wants to change configs, add a database, spin up a new environment, debug or see logs, she uses the self-service UI or CLI.
Developer self-service UI and CLI

What devs need, when they need it

Developers can self-serve environments, add services and provision resources such as databases, file-storage, DNS or clusters. All through a unified CLI or user interface.

Developer driven deployments

Developers can deploy their apps with a simple git-push. They can apply changes to the config, diff deployments to see what changes were introduced and roll back autonomously. Logs and error messages help them debug.

git-push deploy

Developers apply changes to their code, do a git-push and the respective environment is updated in the background. If they want to change configs or provision new infrastructure, they do so autonomously.


Humanitec keeps track of the full configuration for every deployment. Developers can understand changes made by diffing any 2 deployments. They can also roll back to any pervious deployment.


Developers can consume logs through the UI or CLI. Error messages from the infrastructure are surfaced to enable easy debugging. Diff commands can be used to identify the root cause of the issue.
Open source drivers

Empower, don’t restrict

Nothing restricts users more than being able to self-serve in 90% of the cases but being restricted in edge-cases. Which is why Humanitec let’s you set golden paths but developers can deviate.
They can script everything in YAML or IaC, check it in with the platform API and Humanitec will plainly execute. Use the fine-grained RBAC to define who is allowed to go off-path!
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higher deploy frequency

Iterate in small, incremental bits and drive productivity.

reduction in waiting times

Blocked environment? Get a new one. Never wait again.

reduced MTTR

Enable everybody to track where errors are introduced

lower change failure rate

Test thoroughly before production environments.

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