The Rise of the Internal Developer Platform

The need for speed in continuously delivering features and value has caused businesses to rethink the structures they have long depended on.

To make application development go faster, innovative companies are creating internal platforms augmented by dedicated Platform Teams. In such organisations, Internal Developer Platforms (IDP's) allow developers to focus on relevant feature development versus waiting for an operational team to provision infrastructure or answering tickets, giving developers greater autonomy.

IDP's focus on optimisation and minimising repetitive tasks for Operational teams, while providing a convenient environment for developers to increase their productivity. Developers experience it as an ‘Internal Platform as a Service’, based on generic solution patterns that will:

  • Offer developers easy automation of immediate testing and deployments of new code.
  • Ensure consistency in development workflow processes.
  • Provide clear visibility of the developer workflow.

In The Rise of the Internal Developer Platform, a new whitepaper brought to you by Humanitec, we explore exactly what an IDP is, along with:

  • The business case for an IDP
  • Making the build vs. buy decision
  • Tips for designing an IDP
  • IDP architecture patterns

You should read this if ...

  • You’re leveraging hybrid and multicloud.
  • You’re part of or running a team experienced in deployment, scripting, and infrastructure.
  • Scaling to a bigger Dev team is in your future.
  • You’re making a microservices shift.
  • You’re just interested in the latest Cloud Native trends

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Meet the authors

Brendan Kamp is a Cloud Native Consultant at Container Solutions. His main focus has been in building scalable distributed systems for large organisations. With a start in software development, the allure of mastering the stack has always been a driver, moving Brendan deeper into the operational side of systems.

Ádám Sándor is a sales engineer and Cloud Native architect at Container Solutions. After long years of building software and throwing it over the wall, Ádám happily dove into Cloud Native to break that wall down for good. Now he's spreading the word about Kubernetes, Continuous Delivery, and Docker to all who are willing to listen.

Loredana Moanga is a web developer at Container Solutions. At the company, she continuously came into contact with Cloud Native approaches and related technologies, giving her the incentive to start her dive into Cloud Native development.

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