Full independence.
Zero lock-in.

Abstract away Kubernetes complexity through an open API while remaining fully independent. Use best-of-breed tools and never be locked-in.
Release orchestration for development environments
Teams want a simplified workflow for managing environments and deployments. But they don’t want to lose their flexibility, control of their setup, or access to their code.

Humanitec is the only Continuous Delivery API with a developer-focused UI that guarantees you full independence.

Independent cloud-native dev setup

Provide your developer team autonomy and the freedom to integrate with an open API regardless of what your current setup looks like. No matter what version control system you use, what CI pipeline you have, and where you currently host your environments. Control the dev setup and configure your cloud-native environments the way you need them.

Full access to your configs and Helm charts

Humanitec abstracts away complexity for your team by providing easy Kubernetes configuration through a developer-focused UI. But that doesn’t mean that Humanitec locks you in as some PaaS do. With Humanitec don't lose access to your config maps and Helm charts. Humanitec never locks you in and allows you to freely export YAML files at any time.

Zero cloud vendor lock-in

Your freedom of choice, guaranteed. Humanitec has a zero cloud vendor lock-in effect. Host environments on your GCP or AWS, or choose to use our out-of-the-box solution hosted by Humanitec.

Flexibility over managed services

Provision databases

Provision the most popular cloud-based data solutions for your setup. By default, Humanitec provides Google Cloud SQL-based Postgres databases and Route53-based DNS. These are just a few of the services and databases you can access & provision yourself.

Message queues and more

From message queues like RabbitMQ, database caching like Redis, and databases like MongoDB or MySQL, any setup, no matter what, Humanitec provides you the full flexibility to use best-in-breed solutions.

External Services

From AWS S3 to Redis, or any other external service, configure with Humanitec through an open API or developer-focused UI and deploy to new environments with confidence.

Hosted Environments

For an easy start use our own out-of-the-box-solution. It contains a fully configured Kubernetes cluster, a managed image registry, and managed databases.
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Full independence

Humanitec guarantees full independence over your dev setup. Integrate best-of-breed tools and spin up environments faster. Start benefiting from continuous delivery today without the fear of being boxed in.

Deploy your first app with Humanitec in 10 minutes.

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