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How to get started

Get started with Humanitec in 10-minutes flat — access, build, and deploy your modern web app into an internal development environment.

Access the Humanitec platform with your current version control system.

Set up your work process quick and painless by pairing Humanitec with your current version control system (or VCS). Deploy to a hosted Kubernetes cluster, connect to your favorite hosting provider, or couple instantly with CI/CD tools and applications. Begin by forking the source code from your VCS repository to start a new development environment in our platform. Our platform doesn’t change your workflow, it improves it.


Build your modern web app on our platform.

Humanitec syncs quickly with the list of repositories from your VCS organization account. We call these repositories modules on our platform. Select, add, and configure modules for your modern web app on our user interface — all in one place. Build your modules, or use our library of configurable templates to reduce development time.

Deploy your modern web app into an internal development environment.

It’s time to launch. With one simple click, deploy your app to development. In the background, we’re loading container images into a registry, spinning your database, configuring namespaces in Kubernetes, taking care of ingress, SSL, DNS, secrets, manifests, and setting up your environment.


Speed up the process — replicate and automate.

Create more environments, clone your modules, deploy to new environments like development, testing, and staging — quickly and fully-automated. In a few clicks, reduce your time to production.

Quick and frustration-free.

We built an Internal Development Platform to suit your needs. We know the creation and deployment process of a modern web application is strenuous and annoying for you. We created a platform that works automation magic. We created a fully-automated Internal Development Platform that removes the headache and frustration commonly associated with legacy environments. Our platform eliminates your typical deployment roadblocks — so that you can focus on what you do best. Coding rather than configuring.

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