Enable developer self-service

Build your Internal Developer Platform in days, not years. Relieve pressure on Ops by enabling developer self-service.

> humctl create env pr-2651-env --type preview
  "id": "pr-2651-env",
  "type": "preview",
> humctl deploy delta . pr-2651-env
  "id": "67f1619a57d",
  "status": "in progress",
  "env_id": "pr-2651-env",

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The power stack

A lightweight platform API that connects to your infrastructure through open source drivers. Free up Ops from handling repetitive tasks by streamlining application configuration and infrastructure orchestration. Developers self-serve environments, deployments, databases or logs through a unified UI and CLI.
How it works

Bring order to chaos

Let developers provision databases, environments and more without fiddling with scripts or filing tickets with Ops
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What it enables

True self-service

Enable developers to use abstractions but leave the options to define everything in plain YAML

Preview environments

Spin up fully provisioned environments with a single command. Manage your fleet of environments.

Service creation

Spin up a new workload, add default configs and resources within minutes and deploy it anywhere.

Resource provisioning

Provision resources like databases, file-storage, DNS, clusters and more on the fly.


Self-serve deployments from a unified CLI or UI. A unified experience across tools and infrastructure.

Instant rollbacks

Understand what changes were introduced between deployments and roll-back instantly.

E2E visibility

Understand what services are running in what state in what environments. Stream logs and debug.
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higher deploy frequency

Iterate in small, incremental bits and drive productivity.

reduction in waiting times

Blocked environment? Get a new one. Never wait again.

reduced MTTR

Enable everybody to track where errors are introduced

lower change failure rate

Test thoroughly before production environments.


Powering platform pioneers

Humanitec is enabling self-service at engineering teams in unicorns, enterprises and growing teams.

“As we rapidly scaled, Ops came under massive pressure. Since we enabled developer self-service with Humanitec, Ops aren't a bottleneck anymore and we are shipping features 4x faster!“

Markus Schünemann
CTO at Lano

“The fact alone that Humanitec enables us to spin up fully provisioned environment with a single command is tremendously helpful. No more waiting times due to blocked environments!“

Emil Kilhage
Co-founder & Lead Architect at AlexisHR

“Humanitec allows enterprises to build an Internal Developer Platform where Kubernetes best practices are enforced by default throughout the whole organization. “

Michael Müller
CCO of Container Solutions
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The power stack