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Release orchestration for development environments

The Continuous Delivery API

Humanitec provides an elegant, open API and a developer-focused UI to master Continuous Delivery for Kubernetes-ready applications.

A better Developer Experience

Automate all your deployments through one API. Model the DevOps workflow your team deserves. Make your setup maintainable and scalable.

API documentation

$ POST /orgs/{orgId}/apps/{appId}/envs/{id}/deploys

  "set_id": "Rlc3Qtb3JnLTAyIiwidGVzdC1vcmctMDMiL",
  "comment": "First deployment in the environment!",
  "cluster_id": "humanitec/cluster-2"

  "id": "715a4ed1f1ecf6c1",
  "set_id": "Rlc3Qtb3JnLTAyIiwidGVzdC1vcmctMDMiL",
  "comment": "First deployment in the environment!",
  "cluster_id": "humanitec/cluster-2",
  "created_at": "2020-03-14T13:23:42Z",
  "email": "",
  "status":"in progress",
  "status_changed_at": "2020-03-14T13:23:42Z"

Developer-driven Deployments

Let developers self-service the tech they need through an intuitive UI. Manage configurations and deployments as a team.

See how it works

App Configuration Management

Explore a better way to manage application configurations across apps, environments and cloud providers. Manage your in-cluster services and out-of-cluster resources in an easy-to-maintain, scalable, and auditable manner.

Configure your app

Dynamic Environment Management

Overcome the limitation of 2 or 3 static environments. Dynamically spin up fully- configured  environments through the API or UI. Develop against production-like environments, parallelize regression testing, and much more.

Manage environments

Out-of-cluster Resource Management

Applications depend on resources that run outside of Kubernetes. Provision and configure out-of-cluster resources - such as databases, file storage, or DNS - in sync with your Kubernetes workloads

Manage resources

Teams deploy 10x times faster with Humanitec.

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Having a lightweight API to manage continuous delivery across the entire toolchain and all our services keeps DevOps from repetitive tasks and cuts the noise for developers. Truly game-changing from day 1!

Mirko Novakovic, CEO at Instana

Increase the velocity and happiness of your team

increase in deployment frequency as a team

less time DevOps spend on config management

reduction in cloud bill for the organization

Continuous Delivery on Kubernetes

Deploy your container images to a Kubernetes cluster at any time, quickly, and with confidence. Humanitec provides an elegant, open API and developer-focused UI. Simple and self-serving for every developer on your team.
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Easy to integrate. Zero lock-in.

The Humanitec API easily integrates into your existing toolchain. It enables teams to master the deployment process to Kubernetes. And compared to other solutions, we never lock you in. Reduce complexity and use best-in-breed tools.
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“Humanitec gives me an un-opinionated workflow from repository to hosting environment. Easy, no lock-in, designed for scale and with full insight on what is going on.”
- VP Cloud Infrastructure

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