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Is delivery a continuous pain?

Empower developers to manage configurations, deploy and spin up new tech on their own. Boost your team productivity for Kubernetes-ready workloads.

Teams deploy 10x faster with Humanitec.

With Humanitec, everyone can do DevOps, not just the experts. People in charge of infrastructure and configuration still remain in fine-grained control over their setup.

Developers can now independently:

Spin up new environments

Deploy and rollback

See what is running where

Hook up new tech

Without breaking anything

Empower developers

Too often DevOps practitioners feel like the extended help-desk of developers. Humanitec enables developers to self-serve the tech they need. Securely.

Give devs more freedom

Deploy without fear

Deployments are risky, if app config and infrastructure is running out of sync. Or complexity reached a level that is hard to overview. Humanitec makes deployments predictable and consistent.

Deploy with confidence

No configuration chaos

The more services and environments you manage, the harder configuration management gets. Humanitec helps you version your configurations and keeps them consistent across multiple environments.

Keep your configs consistent
How Humanitec works

When it is time to deploy, Humanitec determines what resources are needed based on the declarative application configuration for a particular environment. DevOps practitioners define how resources are provisioned. Developers can pull them in when their apps need them.

For true innovators adopting cutting edge technology

A Platform-as-a-Service might be good to start with. But it's hard to scale once your team grows. Humanitec is the perfect CD tool for innovative teams too big for a PaaS and too small to afford a dedicated platform team. Keep using the best-in-breed tools you prefer.

See how it works
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“Having Humanitec to manage Continuous Delivery brings the DevOps approach to your company like it should be: Devs have more autonomy and deployment frequency increases a lot. Truly game-changing from day 1!”

Mirko Novakovic, CEO at Instana

Increase the velocity and happiness of your team

increase in deployment frequency

less time DevOps spend on config management

reduction in cloud bill for the organization

Get your app up in minutes.

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How does this relate to how I currently do config management?

Humanitec requires you to have configurations parameterized in your code as environment variables. Changes per environment are applied on a baseline config-template (comparable to a helm-chart) and then executed against the K8s API.

Does this restrict me in what I can do?

No. As a DevOps engineer you can change everything under the hood. You choose the level of restrictions for developers for clear governance.

Does this lock me in?

It doesn’t. Whatever configuration you set can be exported and saved back to your repository in a yml format.

What impact will this have on my current infrastructure management?

If you are changing your infrastructure bit by bit, Humanitec does it for you by talking through the cloud-APIs in a structured way you define. If you are using an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) setup, today this can be integrated into the concept of resource drivers.

How does this integrate with my CI setup?

As an easy push/notify step at the end of your pipeline. 

What requirements do my app and infrastructure need to meet?

They only have to be “Kubernetes-ready” which means they have to be containerized. 

How do I get started with Humanitec?

Sign up for a free trial, try the sandbox, and learn how to connect your tech on the docs-site.

Can Humanitec run on-prem?

No. But Humanitec runs outside of your cluster and pushes to open source resource drivers that you can host yourself. We don’t have access to your code, resources or infrastructure. We just call the right thing at the right time.

“Humanitec gives me an un-opinionated workflow from repository to hosting environment. Easy, no lock-in, designed for scale and with full insight on what is going on.”
- VP Cloud Infrastructure