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Build what you really need – really fast

We take the redundancy out of software development, compensate code-contributions fairly and automate configurations and deployment.

No more redundant coding 

Reuse and monetize code

Under our revolutionary IP model, you can build your internal library of reusable microservices and monetize it with every API call.

Our ownership model

No more boring configurations

From code to app in seconds

Choose microservices from the marketplace and sit back as we fork them to your GitHub and deploy your app with fully configured authentication.

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Run everything on the Walhall platform

Countless options and virtually no restrictions - so you can focus on true innovation.

Microservice apps 10X faster

From complete fieldforce management solutions to global portfolio management tools, Walhall applications are built for scale.

Fuse and extend legacy systems

Pull data from your existing systems and build the user centric workflow your business really needs.

True flexibility

Whether you want to bring your own application or just want to run an API, we've got you covered.