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Is Continuous Delivery still a continuous pain?

Gain the full benefits of DevOps practices and Continuous Delivery with your Internal Developer Platform for Kubernetes-ready applications.

Teams deploy 10x faster with Humanitec.

How Humanitec increases developer productivity and job satisfaction

Elite teams build their own internal developer platforms at great cost.
 Humanitec is your out-of-the-box-solution to improve
 developer experience and make developers self-serve.


One-click DevOps tasks: Spin up a new environment, provision a new database or deploy with a single command or click.


Keep using your existing tech stack. Humanitec's open API and extension points allow you to incorporate the tech and tools you're already working with.


See the full history of every deployment and track configs across environments. Diff, patch and rollbacks for configs.

Teams deploy 10x faster with Humanitec.

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With Humanitec I can fully focus on keeping up with customer’s feature requests.

Markus Schünemann, CTO at lano.io

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Having Humanitec to manage Continuous Delivery brings the DevOps approach to your company like it should be: Devs have more autonomy and deployment frequency increases a lot. Truly game-changing from day 1!

Mirko Novakovic, CEO at Instana

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How teams boost their productivity with Humanitec

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Start on your own

Explore Humanitec on your own and spin up new environments in only 5 minutes.

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