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Build, reuse and run microservices as a team

On the most advanced end-to-end automation platform. That's InnerSource management done right.

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We enable the best teams to code for reuse and focus on true innovation

Reduce redundancy in your codebase

Save time, money and frustration by coding your services for reuse with our intuitive enterprise-grade standardization framework.

Build new microservices in steady quality

Use our blueprint-services available in any stack pre-connected to the authentication layer and speed up development while ensuring compatibility.

Build, update and run new apps

Best in class deployment and build automation no matter where you code it, store it or run it. We integrate in your workflow and never lock you in.

Migrate to microservices efficiently

Break up that nasty monolith application while ensuring your team follows one standard. Wherever they are in the world.

Integrates smoothly in your workflow

Code in your favourite tools
Commit to your repo
Coming soon
Coming soon
Make microservices inter-compatible by connecting them to Core-APIs
Manage deployment and your CI/CD pipeline from one tool
Auto-deploy and serve through Kubernetes
We ship to wherever you host
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Coming soon

Make all your services inter-compatible

Use our core APIs to build loosely coupled microservice architectures with your existing services or break up your monolith. Standardize once, reuse forever.

How it works

Build your own internal marketplace of reusable services

We help you structure, document, and version your microservices so your team can reuse them effectively. The source code stays in your own repositories.

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Assemble and run services as apps in seconds

Let us do the magic and assemble your services into running apps in seconds using our end-to-end automation platform Walhall. It comes with CI/CD, orchestration, and enterprise-grade security out of the box.

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We don't tell you how or what to code. We are stack-agnostic and integrate in your workflow, whatever it may be.

Your code, your repo

We will never touch your code. As a layer on top of your repositories, we help you streamline your Inner Source management.

No lock-in

Your team shouldn't be trapped by a vendor. You can easily migrate your services away from us if you want to part ways.

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