Enable developer self-service

Build your Internal Developer Platform in days, not years. Relieve pressure on Ops by enabling developer self-service.

> humctl create env pr-2651-env --type preview
  "id": "pr-2651-env",
  "type": "preview",
> humctl deploy delta . pr-2651-env
  "id": "67f1619a57d",
  "status": "in progress",
  "env_id": "pr-2651-env",

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Your platform, your way

A lightweight platform API that connects to your infrastructure through open source drivers. Free up Ops from handling repetitive tasks by streamlining application configuration and infrastructure orchestration. Developers self-serve environments, deployments, databases or logs through a unified UI and CLI.
higher deploy frequency
reduction in waiting times
reduced MTTR
lower change failure rate
Your Internal Developer Platform

Boost productivity with self-service

Developers are no longer required to handle dozens of scripts and tools. Instead, they use the UI or CLI to self-serve the tech they need to run their apps and services.
Developer Experience

Golden paths, not cages

Design golden paths that optimize for developer experience. Let developers decide whether to follow those or go off path.

git-push deploy

Developers apply changes to their code, do a git-push and the respective environment is updated in the background. If they want to change configs or provision new infrastructure, they do so on their own.

Diff & roll-back

Humanitec keeps track of the full configuration for every deployment. Developers can understand changes made by diffing any 2 deployments. They can also roll back to any pervious deployment.


Developers can consume logs through the UI or CLI. Error messages from the infrastructure are surfaced to enable easy debugging. Diff commands can be used to identify the root cause of the issue.
Our customers

Powering platform pioneers

Humanitec is enabling self-service at engineering teams in unicorns, enterprises and growing teams.

“As we rapidly scaled, Ops came under massive pressure. Since we enabled developer self-service with Humanitec, Ops aren't a bottleneck anymore and we are shipping features 4x faster!“

Markus Schünemann
CTO at Lano
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“The fact alone that Humanitec enables us to spin up fully provisioned environment with a single command is tremendously helpful. No more waiting times due to blocked environments!“

Emil Kilhage
Co-founder & Lead Architect at AlexisHR
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"This product irrationally excites me. I was always a believer of “you build it, you run it”. Humanitec makes this a reality"

Aaron Erickson
Built platform at Salesforce
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