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Pressure on Ops?

Tame your zoo of scripts & relieve pressure on Ops by building your own Internal Developer Platform.
An Internal Developer Platform (IDP) is like Heroku but on top of the tech & tools you use today. Humanitec is the fastest way to build your IDP.
Jason Warner
CTO at GitHub
If you’re slow, you die. If you care about not dying this is one of those investments you make.
Paolo Garri
Director of Technology at Sport1
We had hundreds of scripts in all kinds of languages. Almost impossible to maintain.
Jason Warner
CTO at GitHub
We need to serve internal developers as much as we serve external customers.
Jan Löffler
Hiring more ops wouldn’t have solved the problem. We needed standards and developer self-serving.
IDPs used to be costly to build and maintain.
Now you can build your own in a day.
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Why Humanitec?

Escape scripting hell

Rather than drowning in unstructured scripts and manifests, you define baseline configs and let your team apply changes through a logged, standardized API/UI or CLI.

Relieve pressure on ops

Ops teams working with IDPs spend a fraction on maintenance, repetitive tasks, integrations of tech and tools.

Developer self-serving

Enable developers to spin up fully provisioned environments or any tech they need such as databases etc. Let them ship faster than ever without breaking things.

Some of the best teams use us

Mirko Novakovic
CEO at Instana
Having Humanitec to manage Continuous Delivery brings the DevOps approach to your company like it should be: Devs have more autonomy and deployment frequency increases a lot. Truly game-changing from day 1!
Markus Schünemann
CTO at lano.io
With Humanitec I can fully focus on keeping up with customer’s feature requests.
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