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The Microservice Management Platform that lets you

Discover, Design and Deploy

One integrated flow to spin up modern apps in seconds
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Discover, Design and Deploy

What can you do with Humanitec?

Build new apps in seconds

Stop reinventing the wheel. Leverage your existing services and blueprints for rapid app development.

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Migrate to microservices the smart way

Transform your infrastructure into advanced microservice architectures. Break up monoliths as a team.

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Connect APIs to legacy systems

Spin up connector-services from your library or blueprints. Deploy and monitor them on any infrastructure.

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Discover all your services in one internal library

Import code from all your repos. Classify, analyze and reuse services within your team. Detect redundancies and launch services from one interface.

Discover all your services in one internal library
Design microservice architectures with our gateway

Design microservice architectures with our gateway

Design new services for reusability with pre-set blueprints. Harmonize frontend/backend calls with our API gateway, authentication layer and data mesh.

Deploy to any infrastructure in seconds

Deploy your apps to any Kubernetes cluster with auto configuration. Develop your apps with CI/CD, monitoring, and logging built in.

Deploy to any infrastructure in seconds

Our Solution - The Humanitec magic

Share and collaborate - one unified internal library

Reusability by design - our gateway layer

DevOps made easy - one-click deployment


We make sure you are never locked in; not with a cloud provider, not with our tool. 


Fits your existing DevOps workflow and abstracts away the things you dislike.


Full insights from repositories to the hosting provider so you can make smart use of the data.


Every stack, every style, no restrictions. Our setup leaves you all of the creative freedom.


Well-documented, simple and straightforward. Up to speed in minutes.


We are running enterprise-grade apps at scale around the world.

“Humanitec gives me an un-opinionated workflow from repository to hosting environment. Easy, no lock-in, designed for scale and with full insight on what is going on.”
- VP Cloud Infrastructure

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