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Focus on coding, not configuring

Continuous Delivery-as-a-Service
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Release orchestration for development environments

Automate deployments and spin up environments on demand.

Your entire workflow in one user interface

Using Humanitec developers get their code running in cloud environments hassle free. The platform picks up assets from the end of your CI pipeline and deploys them into your Kubernetes clusters ensuring things like databases, message queues and DNS names are provisioned as needed. All of this is managed through one state-of-the-art UI.

Continuous Delivery on Kubernetes

Humanitec is an easy-to-use solution that makes continuous delivery on Kubernetes simple and self-serving for every developer in your team.

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Release orchestration for developer environments
Release orchestration for developer environments

Say goodbye to broken dev environments

Create scalable, maintainable, and stable shared cloud environments. Achieve dev team autonomy and entire team collaboration.

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Deployment automation for containerized apps

Humanitec reduces the repetitive scripting of configurations, minimizes configuration errors, reduces cognitive overload, and speeds up the development process. Deploy easily to a Kubernetes cluster.

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Release orchestration for developer environments

Coding rather than configuring

Humanitec provides continuous delivery as a service to simplify the deployment and testing of your modern web apps. Our platform leverages abstraction to help you speed up the configuration process—so that you can focus on what you do best.

Hosted Environments

For an easy start use our own out-of-the-box-solution. It contains a fully configured Kubernetes cluster, a managed image registry, and managed databases.
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“Humanitec gives me an un-opinionated workflow from repository to hosting environment. Easy, no lock-in, designed for scale and with full insight on what is going on.”
- VP Cloud Infrastructure

Deploy your first app with Humanitec within 10 minutes.

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