Tame your zoo of environment variables

It’s hard to keep track and manage configurations such as environment variables. With Humanitec you can manage and share variables across environments and microservices.

Dynamic environment management

Move from static environments to dynamically provisioned and versioned environments. Dynamic environments will change the way you work.

Spin up new environments on demand

Enable everybody to spin up new environments of your applications when they need them. From developers, QA engineers to product managers.

Environment management fully automated

Take the next leap in automation

Dev or staging blocked by somebody else? Spin up a new environment. QA testing overlapping features in parallel? Test several feature environments at the same time. A great idea for a new service? Develop against real integrations and production-like environments. Cloud-bill out of control? Automatically sunset unused environments.

Automation beyond Kubernetes

Every time you spin up a new environment, in-cluster workloads are deployed and out-of-cluster resources are provisioned automatically. Each environment runs in its own bubble based on the configuration you defined.

Version, track, and diff your environments

The configuration for each environment and each deployment is stored fully automatically in a deployment set. These deployment sets can be used like code to create diffs, revert changes, recreate old deployment states, and much more.

Deploy your first app with Humanitec in 10 minutes.

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