Environment Management

Spin up shared cloud environments faster, independently, and hassle-free.
Release orchestration for development environments
Spin up dev environments faster.

Speed up

Quickly spin up as many shared cloud environments you want with no key person dependencies.

Reduce complexity

Deploy your services and automatically have databases, queues and managed services provisioned.

K8s made easy

No Kubernetes or cloud hosting provider knowledge required to make changes.

Hosted Environments

For an easy start use our own out-of-the-box-solution. It contains a fully configured Kubernetes cluster, a managed image registry, and managed databases.
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Complete transparency over your shared cloud environments

Manage environments

  • Spin up new environments quickly.
  • Clone environments with only one click.
  • Sunset environments to reduce infrastructure costs.

Manage configurations

  • Manage configuration for all services in one place.
  • Handles Ingress, Image Versions, Secrets and more.
  • Clearly see differences in configuration between environments.

Transparent outlook

  • See what version of which service runs where.
  • Review deployments as drafts before making changes.
  • Compare environments to spot unexpected differences.

Team collaboration made simple. Break down silos.

With Humanitec, dev teams can be more efficient across cloud infrastructure. By removing the need for brittle scripts to join up deployment processes, devs can move faster. It’s now easier to track and apply new configurations across environments and deployments. Achieve dev team autonomy and entire team collaboration in one user interface.


Eliminate key person dependencies
Dev team members can self-serve across call environments
One user interface to manage all your environments and configurations


Collaborate in unlimited shared dev environments
Team members can review changes before they are pushed into environments
One state-of-the art user interface for all team members

Coding rather than configuring.

Our platform provides abstraction to help you speed up the configuration process — so that you can focus on what you do best.

Deploy your first app with Humanitec in 10 minutes.

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