Environment Management

Enable developers to spin up fully provisioned environments through UI, CLI or API. Ops define exactly what is provisioned where by type of environment.

Old world

Need a new environment? Go call ops. Staging blocked? Wait! Messed something up and need to roll-back? Cancel your weekend plans.

New world

Everybody in the team can now spin up environments dynamically. As many environments as you want, fully provisioned.Test-feature branches, QA ephemeral environments, and the ability to get hotfix past staging? All at your fingertips.

Enable developer self-serving

Developers can spin up fully provisioned environments running their code in one step. Gofrom manual dev, staging and production environments to a dynamic setup that lets you spin up feature or QA environments on demand.

Ops stay in control

Ops teams connect their tech to Humanitec and define rules for what instances are made available to which type of environment. For example databases, DNS or message queues. Use advanced Role Based Access Control to define who in your team can perform what actions.

Put the robots to work

At deployment time, Humanitec will spin up your configured environment by following your rules. It will inject environment variables, provision namespaces in the cluster, spin up databases, deal with SSL and DNS and serve up the running environment.
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Version, roll-back and diff environments

Every deployment to an environment is versioned. This means you can roll back to a previous deployment or event to compare the changes between two deployments. You can even compare differences between two separate environments!

Works? Deploy to staging!

Promote a deployment from one environment to the next one in a single step. Humanitec takes care of making sure the environment specific configuration is correctly updated.

Automate deployments

Set granular rules on how to update images in your environments when the CI pipeline builds them. Let automation do the heavy lifting for you.

Role Based Access Control

Assign roles and define deployment permissions, change automation and promote code to different environment types.

Manage environments at scale

Get full visibility into what is running where: in what state, with what infrastructure and in what configuration. See all logs for every workload in every environment.

Ephemeral environments

Spin up fully provisioned, ephemeral environments using the UI, CLI or API. Perform tests, inform your CI Pipeline and set expiration dates at which we automatically tear-down unused environments.

Tame your environment variables

Manage environment variables in your environment or share them across workloads and environments. Set them as a secret and let clever automation inject them into your containers at deployment-time.

Next level multicloud

With Humanitec, you can spin up environments anywhere. Be it in a public cloud, private-cloud or hybrid model. Choose from managed Kubernetes or your own self-managed cluster. We make the developer experience the same no matter where the clouds take you.