Environment Management

Ensure standardized, securely configured environments. Avoid drift, manage progression, pause and create.

Create and manage environments from dev to prod

Let developers describe workloads and resources in an environment agnostic way. Dynamically create/update app and infra configs depending on the type of environment, with every deployment. Manage the life-cycle of any environment and eliminate config drift. Enforce standards of configuration and security across all your environments.

Create and manage ephemeral environments

Dynamically create ephemeral environments for any event such as the creation of a pull request. Stop team members and automated tests interfering with each other. From clusters to namespaces and databases, define how resources are created. Automatically tear them down on demand.

Manage automations  on an environment level

Automatically pause environments on a schedule to save costs. Centrally manage the update of images across your fleet of environments. Notify and trigger external systems based on environment specific lifecycle events.

Manage secure access, secrets and values across environments

Rely on the Orchestrator’s RBAC capabilities to keep your environments safe.  Granularly manage roles and permissions across any type of environment. Integrated with your enterprise identity management. Share secrets and values across environments. Integrated with your existing secrets management solution.

Visualize what’s running where

Understand what application is running in which environment and what version the application is on. Understand the dependent resources of the applications and share resources within the environment. Get a history of all deployments and changes in configuration across all your environments.

How it works

Developers describe their workloads and dependent resources in an environment agnostic way using Score. Platform engineers define how to update/create executable configurations based on the context. The Platform Orchestrator creates a consistent code representation of the environment based on this input. Latest configuration changes are enforced with every deployment. The Humanitec Portal allows you to visualize what’s running where.
Humanitec allowed us to streamline our operations without compromising on quality or security.
Igor Kantor
Director of Software Engineering
We had planned 24 months to get our V1 for the IDP. With Humanitec we had a first MVP after 24 minutes.
Markus Schünemann
There’s so much noise in the platform engineering space. Reference architectures helped us get the design and starting point right.
Emil Kilhage
We had planned 24 months to get our V1 for the IDP. With Humanitec we had a first MVP after 24 minutes.
Markus Schünemann

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Dive deeper

Scaffold a new Workload and create staging and prod Environments
Quickly scaffold an Application skeleton that already comes with a development Environment. Progress towards production by creating more Environments.
Deploy ephemeral Environments
Set up ephemeral environments using Score with the Humanitec Platform Orchestrator.