Integrate everything
with ease

Out of the box integrations for all your existing tools and infrastructure. Fast time to value.
Integrate your toolchain
Seamlessly connect Humanitec products to your existing and target setup. Follow our reference architectures for best practice.
Integrate infra, IaC and app configs
Just 10 lines of code to integrate your existing Terraform or IaC provider. Easily import your Helm charts and get started deploying.
Model your workflows
Use Deployment Pipelines to model your workflows, from repo to prod. Use RBAC for granular roles and permissions.

Integrate all your tools into a consistent platform - in days

Integrate in minutes

Easily connect your infrastructure.
Define rules to create new resources on demand

You have a ton of infrastructure today. Humanitec lets you register them in minutes.
10 lines of code to integrate your existing TF
Easily register cloud or on prem resources
Set criteria when to use what template
Integrate your helm charts with ease

Automate like there 
is no tomorrow.

Deployment pipelines and webhooks help you to build sign off workflows, push information to a third party, manage inter-environment progression or run policy checks.


Best-in-class customer success
process and implementation

  • Project planning and management tools to accelerate time to value
  • Proven strategies to move from static to fully dynamic configuration setup
  • Experience in all types of integrations from true greenfield to complex brownfield
Humanitec allowed us to streamline our operations without compromising on quality or security.
Studipto Das
VP Engineering


Resources wired


of apps ported after 3 months


Platform FTEs focused

Quotation marks
Humanitec's Customer Success team's goal is twofold: help our customers integrate Humanitec into their workflows in a best-practice way, and help them achieve technical and business outcomes in a way that helps customers evolve and be on the cutting edge of Cloud Native technology.
Mallory Haigh
Director of Customer Success