Why Humanitec?

As the market leader, Humanitec is the fastest way to build your Internal Developer Platform (IDP) and enables your team to collaborate and ship faster than ever.

Ops teams

Integrate all your tech, set default configurations and create scalable workflows for application developers.

Application developers

Spin up fully provisioned environments, self-serve the tech you need and deliver code autonomously and faster.

Enable developer self-service

Design a developer-centered workflow with a CLI, UI or API. Allow your developers to self-serve tech like databases and spin up fully provisioned environments on demand.


Code where you
always code


Git-push as usual


Run on your Internal Developer Platform

Ops stays in control with an easy-to maintain setup

Integrate all your tech and get rid of context switching

Integrate all your tech and tools through pre-built integrations, the API or IaC. Define the rules of provisioning these resources depending on the environment and application.

Set config standards and
fight the scripting hell

Rather than freestyle scripting, you can now define baseline configurations. Devs apply changes to these configs through an API, UI and CLI. Manifests are then created from these changes and can be exported, shared or executed.

Automate deployments and remove manual labour

What happens if a new image is created? Which service in what environment should be updated and how? Use fine-grained rights and rules to automate your deployments all the way from CI to Cluster.

Let your team move fast
without breaking things

Define at a granular level who is allowed to do what, deploy where and access which resources.

Features overview

The power stack

Integrate everything

From cluster to DB, from IaC to pipeline

Spinning up an environment has never been easier

Dev and Ops should talk about ideas, not about running scripts.

Easily configure

Select images built by your CI pipelines and manage environment variables across services.

Add infrastructure

Add databases, override defaults, choose the number of replicas, and set DNS.

Add Redis and Co

Add your prefered in-cluster services from an internal catalogue such as Redis, Elastic etc.

Put the robots to work

Let your IDP create manifests, spin up environments, inject environment variables, deploy to your clusters, take care of DNS and spin up databases.

Clone, roll-back and export

Humanitec creates manifests for every deployment. Easily clone into other environments, roll-back to previous versions, share with your team or simply export.

Ephemeral environments

Debug your deployment from one central interface. Know exactly what’s running where in what state.

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higher deploy frequency

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reduction in waiting times

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reduced MTTR

Enable everybody to track where errors are introduced

lower change failure rate

Test thoroughly before production environments.