Infrastructure Orchestration

Stop working through repetitive tickets to create or maintain infrastructure. Define resources once and share them across many workloads. Manage them as a fleet.

Reuse templated definitions across workloads

Configure resource definitions in code to define how and when resources get created or updated. Orchestrate the update and creation of any resource across cloud and on-prem, directly through the cloud APIs or in tandem with any IaC format. Set a wide context for a high degree of standardization and choose your ideal level of abstraction.

Let developers
self-serve with ease

Define the level of abstraction that works for your developers. Let them consume anything as code (Score) or through a UI (Portal). They describe what their workload needs to run, independently of the environment (e.g. adding a database, spinning up a complete ephemeral environment or changing the CPU allocation). All possible in a breeze.

Orchestrate any type of IaC format

Whether it’s your Terraform files, Crossplane, Pulumi, CDK or a mix of all of them, the Platform Orchestrator can orchestrate your existing setup and let you maintain templates. Define reusable resource definitions in a language that works for you.

Understand usage,
update and maintain at scale

The Platform Orchestrator provides you with a single API to query information, e.g. “what are all applications that depend on a resource definition?”. You can update one file and securely enforce the change across all dependent applications.

Set granular security
rules and run policy checks

Tune the degree of standardization and abstraction by granting users the right to create or update resource definitions with granular RBAC. Enforce the use of mandatory configurations in production environments. Run policy checks and sign off workflows before executing the final deployment.

How it works

Developers describe their workloads and dependent resource in an environment agnostic way using Score. Platform engineers define how to update/create executable configurations based on the context. The Platform Orchestrator creates a consistent code representation of the environment based on this input. Latest configuration changes are enforced with every deployment. The Humanitec Portal allows you to visualize what’s running where.
Humanitec allowed us to streamline our operations without compromising on quality or security.
Igor Kantor
Director of Software Engineering
We had planned 24 months to get our V1 for the IDP. With Humanitec we had a first MVP after 24 minutes.
Markus SchĂĽnemann
There’s so much noise in the platform engineering space. Reference architectures helped us get the design and starting point right.
Emil Kilhage
We had planned 24 months to get our V1 for the IDP. With Humanitec we had a first MVP after 24 minutes.
Markus SchĂĽnemann

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Dive deeper

Humanitec Terraform Driver
The Terraform Driver is a fully customizable Driver offered by the Humanitec Platform Orchestrator. Provision any Resource Type your Workloads depend on.
Update Resource Definitions for related Applications
Learn how platform teams maintain standards through the process of updating Resource Definitions which are in active use by running Applications.