Infrastructure Orchestration

Streamline your DevOps setup into one clearly defined workflow. Enable true automation from in-cluster to out-of cluster resources and make your developers self-serving.

Old world

Unstructured scripts that are hard to maintain and impossible to document, putting ops under significant pressure. Developers bug you constantly and your setup is hard to automate.

New world

Everything is integrated with Humanitec using standard integrations or resource drivers. You can now automate everything, make developers self-serving and maintenance easy.

Automate everything

From the provisioning of environments, to spinning up databases. From automating deployments to configuring DNS. With all your tech fully implemented you can put the robots to work.

Integrate Everything

From cluster to DB, from IaC to pipeline

How to integrate

Integration to your Internal Developer Platform can be done through the API, resource drivers, existing IaC setups or simply through existing standard integrations. Resource drivers allow you to even connect the DB in your basement and load the test-data when requested by an environment.

Define what starts up when

Granularly define what resources are fired up at events triggered by the Internal Developer Platform. Assign databases to environment types, route DNS the way your apps need it, wire up clusters.

Your infrastructure, your rules

Keep everything under your control and be able to  revoke access to resources in seconds. Give granular access and user Role Based Access Control to manage internal and external teams.

Beyond multicloud

Humanitec floats above your clouds. We standardize everything from workflow to config setup. Your developers get the same experience no matter what infrastructure you are running on.
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