RBAC and Governance

Introduce guardrails on the app, user, environment and resource level. Go fast without breaking things.

Role Based Access Control

Define who is allowed to perform what action across your entire platform with a single RBAC setting. Define who can do what, where and when, on an org, app or environment level. Integrated with your enterprise SAML setup. Products: Score, Platform Orchestrator

Compliant configs,
without limiting users

The Platform Orchestrator dynamically regenerates app and infra configs with every deployment. It does this based on the rules set by the platform and security teams. Specific VPC settings? Labels and annotations? Parameterization everywhere?
No problem, just enforce it globally.

Design policy checks and sign off workflows

Configure deployment pipelines to run policy checks on all configurations. Securely manage the releases between environments. Design sign-off workflows and integrate with third party systems.

Audit every deployment

The Platform Orchestrator automatically generates app and infrastructure configurations with every deployment. It keeps an audit trail of every single change to all systems by anybody. You can search and analyze deployments with a single endpoint and interface.

Automated, secure secrets

The Platform Orchestrator provisions resources while automatically injecting secrets and values into workloads using Placeholders. This means that the secrets never need to be written down or even looked at by the developers.

How it works

Humanitec thinks security first in every dimension. By generating app and infrastructure configurations with every deployment the Platform Orchestrator enforces consistency. Deployment pipelines run policy checks and secure you along the way.
Humanitec allowed us to streamline our operations without compromising on quality or security.
Igor Kantor
Director of Software Engineering
We had planned 24 months to get our V1 for the IDP. With Humanitec we had a first MVP after 24 minutes.
Markus Schünemann
There’s so much noise in the platform engineering space. Reference architectures helped us get the design and starting point right.
Emil Kilhage
We had planned 24 months to get our V1 for the IDP. With Humanitec we had a first MVP after 24 minutes.
Markus Schünemann

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Dive deeper

Humanitec allows developers in your team or from across your Organization to collaborate on tasks related to delivering software. Users can be invited to join an Organization in Humanitec. They can sign in using their existing GitHub or Google accounts. Users can work on specific Apps with permissions to perform certain actions such as Deploy to Production based on Roles that are granted by Organization Administrators and Managers.
Resource management theory
Get a deep understanding of resource management theory and its pivotal role in optimizing your Internal Developer Platform for enterprise-level functionality.