"As we rapidly scaled, Ops came under massive pressure. Since we enabled developer self-service with Humanitec, Ops aren't a bottleneck anymore and we are shipping features 4x faster!"
Markus Schünemann
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How Lano's developer productivity improved after introducing Humanitec

Humanitec’s Internal Developer Platform enables true developer self-service, where every engineer can now spin up an environment, provision resources like DBs and DNS to it, and deploy their containerized images. All independently from a single UI or CLI, without anyone from the Ops team having to jump in to support.
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The problem

As Covid hit last year and many teams shifted to a partially or fully remote setup, Lano’s customer base exploded. Though already an established business at the time, they were suddenly growing their team at double percentage points month over month. The infrastructure and technical setup was not prepared for this growth, which led to scaling issues, a poor developer experience and slowed down the whole development process.

Before Humanitec

Slow onboarding
Poor developer experience
Key Person Dependencies
Increasing Deployment Failure Rate
Maintenance Overhead for custom scripts
Static environments slowing down the development and testing process
No scalable CI/CD Setup

The solution

Introducing Humanitec’s Internal Developer Platform, Lano’s Ops team was able to connect their whole infrastructure and have a clear overview of what was deployed where and by who. They can now set clear baseline configurations and golden paths for the rest of the engineering team. Developers autonomously self serve the tech and tools they need in fully provisioned, dynamic environments.

With Humanitec

Faster onboarding
Improved Developer Experience
Full Developer Self-Service
Ops can focus on real challenges rather than maintaing
Lower deployment failure rate and higher deployment frequency
Scalable and future-proof setup
Dynamic Environments
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