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The Berlin-based payroll software provider experienced hypergrowth during the pandemic and could only keep up by streamlining their GKE setup with Humanitec. They now deploy 4x faster.
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Checkout Charlie

The publisher of some of Europe’s largest affiliate marketing portals wasn’t delivering features fast enough. Rather than focussing on code, teams were distracted by complex deployment setups, Kubernetes and dependencies on Ops.
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US Bank

When things started going sideways after introducing Kubernetes and their cloud-native move, this Chicago-based US bank (anonymized for compliance) turned to Humanitec. The Internal Developer Platform, set up in only 15 weeks, immediately made an impact: change failure rate dropped by 40%, total deployment frequency increased by 470%.
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The leading HR operating system in the nordics wanted to level up their game. Developers should be enabled to spin up fully provisioned environments on demand to enter a new era in DevOps.
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Poltio, an enterprise survey builder headquartered in Turkey, enables developer self-service and Continuous Delivery to out-ship their competition.
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