Insights & Engineering Intelligence

Gather insights from all parts of your toolchain and across your platform. Spot signal from noise and act on it in real time.

Consolidate intelligence
with easy data ingestion

One-click connectors and APIs to your existing platform tools to ingest engineering data with no need for painful spreadsheets. From project management tools to the Platform Orchestrator, from yourVersion Control to cloud providers.

Dora Metrics and
turnkey insights

Prebuilt reports and analytics for humans. Track and optimize your investment effort, risks, and delivery speed. Effortlessly, automatically.

Catalogue and map

Who’s responsible? What service is running where in what version? What workloads depend on a database of type postgres consuming the same resource definitions? Are there faulty services across all staging environments? When everything is catalogued you get fast answers to all your questions.

Audit and trace every change

The Platform Orchestrator automatically generates app and infrastructure configurations with every deployment. It keeps an audit trail of every single change to any system by anyone. You can search and analyze with a single endpoint and interface.

Unified platform API

The Platform Orchestrator provides a single, unified platform API helping you pull information from and to any third party product. Analyze and automate with every API call against a consistent, single source of truth.

How it works

Developers describe their workloads and dependent resource in an environment agnostic way using Score. Platform engineers define how to update/create executable configurations based on the context. The Platform Orchestrator creates a consistent code representation of the environment based on this input. Latest configuration changes are enforced with every deployment. The Humanitec Portal allows you to visualize what’s running where.
It allowed us to streamline our operations without compromising on quality or security.
Igor Kantor
Director of Software Engineering
We had planned 24 months to get our V1 for the IDP. With Humanitec we had a first MVP after 24 minutes.
Markus SchĂĽnemann
There’s so much noise in the platform engineering space. Reference architectures helped us get the design and starting point right.
Emil Kilhage
We had planned 24 months to get our V1 for the IDP. With Humanitec we had a first MVP after 24 minutes.
Markus SchĂĽnemann