Eliminate ticket ops

Ticket ops is draining your organization. Keeping Ops teams busy with unproductive work hinders velocity and negatively affects lead time.

Focus your time


less waiting times for devs


Easy Maintenance


reduction ops overhead


Reduce Requests


fewer config files

Automate and standardize workflows

Minimize dependencies on ops

Improve ops per dev ratio

Why Humanitec?

Market leader and pioneer in the platform engineering space
Churn rate: 0%
Highest ROI.
Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
99% adoption rate
100% roll out success
NPS score: 87

See how Convera reduced ops dependencies with Humanitec

Before Convera built their IDP with Humanitec, the flow from commit to production was tedious and time-consuming. Lots of manual configuration was required and developers constantly had to wait for Ops support.

Now developers self-serve what they need and can work on shipping features instead of config files. Ops can focus on valuable tasks rather than fighting repetitive tickets.

Humanitec has helped us accelerate our modernization journey. Thanks to the Platform Orchestrator our developers can self-serve everything they need to be productive. Humanitec allowed us to streamline our operations without compromising on quality or security.

Dive deeper

Developer self-service in-depth demo
In this video, Malini Kamalambal demos how Humanitec's products can ensure effective developer self-service for Kubernetes setups.
Perform daily developer activities (debug, rollback, diffs, logs)
This tutorial will take you through a standard “break-fix” exercise from a developer’s perspective using an IDP.
Scaffold new workloads and create staging and production environments
This tutorial explains how developers can quickly scaffold an application that already comes with a dev environment on their own.