Nail your Kubernetes migration

Humanitec enables fast and compliant Kubernetes migration at scale, following enterprise best practices.

Move fast


Faster K8s roll out

Easy to maintain


Less config files

Ship confidently


Average increase in deployment frequency

Don't let Kubernetes migration kill your developer productivity

Build an easy-to-maintain IDP on top of K8s

Get rid of ticket ops

Why Humanitec?

Market leader and pioneer in the platform engineering space
Churn rate: 0%
Highest ROI.
Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
99% adoption rate
100% roll out success
NPS score: 87

See how Convera tamed K8s with Humanitec

On their journey to a state of the art cloud native setup, Convera’s team found themselves spending too much time getting into the weeds of Kubernetes.

Using the Internal Developer Platform built with Humanitec, developers no longer have to waste time figuring out K8s implementation details when promoting workloads from local to production.

Now they have the ability to choose their own level of abstraction and self-serve what they need to run their workloads on top of K8s, without waiting on Ops.

With Humanitec, our developers don't need to touch Kubernetes unless they want to. This eased a lot of pressure from the team, allowing them to focus on what they do best — creating amazing solutions for our customers

Dive deeper

How Humanitec integrates with your existing Kubernetes clusters
The Humanitec Platform Orchestrator is designed to integrate with your existing Kubernetes clusters wherever they’re hosted.
Developer self-service in-depth demo
In this video, Malini Kamalambal demos how Humanitec's products can ensure effective developer self-service for Kubernetes setups.
Perform daily developer activities (debug, rollback, diffs, logs)
This tutorial will take you through a standard “break-fix” exercise from a developer’s perspective using an IDP.