Your Minimum Viable Platform in just 4 phases

Our MVP program is a guided playbook that helps you get started building your platform. Fast, reliable and cost efficient.

Design your platform
Design your IDP based on our battle tested reference architectures. Choose the template closest to your setup and get started.
Build your MVP
Build your MVP including a CI/CD setup, clusters and environments, Deploy a real life HelloWorld app in an end-to-end workflow.
Expand and scale
Use the MVP to show value to key stakeholders. A successful MVP is the key first step to scale to a full blown enterprise-grade IDP.

Design, build, scale.

Phase 1
Define goals and outcomes, including ideal end-to-end dev flows. Identify a sample application, design your MVP V1.0 architecture.
Phase 2
Set up your environments
and connect them to your infrastructure components (clusters, resources, networking).
Phase 3
Configure your workloads. Implement your end-to-end flow and deploy your sample application.
Phase 4
Showcase to stakeholders, proving value on both DevEx
and DevOps metrics. Plan for scaling to next teams.

MVP case study

Use the MVP program to get started. Fast, reliably and cost efficient.

Super fast design phase, following the reference architectures as best practice templates
Minimum Viable Platform delivered in 2 weeks, relying on Humanitec’s repeatable playbook
Used MVP to win over stakeholders and build internal momentum before scaling to full IDP
The MVP program was the key to our successful IDP rollout. Extremely cost efficient and well designed. We were able to show value quickly to all internal stakeholders, before we scaled to the enterprise-grade platform we have today.
André Alfter
Principal Consultant at Bechtle

Dive deeper

Zero to Minimum Viable Platform (MVP) in four phases
In this webinar, Mallory will unravel the complexities of platform engineering. She’ll focus on providing a clear step-by-step process to transition from MVP to a scalable enterprise-level solution in a predictable way.
The four phases to Minimum Viable Platform (MVP)
The MVP should be representative, repeatable, iterative, and innovative. It should not be compliant with all your security and policy requirements or involve advanced architectures or configurations. Minimum Viable Platforms are the best way to get started with platform engineering and how to build an IDP. This is what you need to get started.
How to build a Minimum Viable Platform (MVP)
Building an MVP allows you to start your platform engineering initiative quickly and cost-effectively. Learn how to build a platform with the Humanitec MVP program in just four weeks and expand fast to an enterprise-grade IDP.