Developer self-service

Give your developers the power to move fast - without breaking things. Let them create environments, add resources to workloads or roll back, all using secure and compliant templates.

Give developers
super powers

Define the level of abstraction that works for your developers. Let them consume anything as code (Score) or through a UI (Portal). They describe what their workload needs to run, independently of the environment (e.g. adding a database, spinning up a complete ephemeral environment or changing the CPU allocation). All possible in a breeze.

Pre-package services, resources and apps.

Make it simple for developers to scaffold and compose new services, resources and apps. Ensure that any newly created service follows highest security and compliance standards right from the get go.

Set rules centrally,
reuse across workloads

Configure resource definitions as code to define what and when to update/create a resource and how to do that. Orchestrate the update and creation of any resource across cloud and on-prem. Make sure all your workloads contain sidecars for observability. All your databases run on the latest version, by default.

Deploy, diff, debug
and  roll-back

Let developers deploy in self-service and with confidence. Dynamically generate all app- and infrastructure configurations with every deployment. Allow them to run a diff to understand material changes between deployments to debug or roll back with ease.

Set guardrails and define secure workflows

Granular access control helps define who is allowed to self-serve what components and elements. Build policy checks and sign off workflows during deployment as well as during environment progression. Products: Platform Orchestrator, Portal

How it works

Developers describe their workloads and dependent resource in an environment agnostic way using Score. Platform engineers define how to update/create executable configurations based on the context. The Platform Orchestrator creates a consistent code representation of the environment based on this input. Latest configuration changes are enforced with every deployment. The Humanitec Portal allows you to visualize what’s running where.
Humanitec allowed us to streamline our operations without compromising on quality or security.
Igor Kantor
Director of Software Engineering
We had planned 24 months to get our V1 for the IDP. With Humanitec we had a first MVP after 24 minutes.
Markus Schünemann
There’s so much noise in the platform engineering space. Reference architectures helped us get the design and starting point right.
Emil Kilhage
We had planned 24 months to get our V1 for the IDP. With Humanitec we had a first MVP after 24 minutes.
Markus Schünemann

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