Products that matter

We are Humanitec

We are using technology to make the world a better place for all of us. Humanitec started back in 2014 as an open source project in a bootcamp in Afghanistan. A small team of engineers were building a tailored solution to help Mercy Corps, an NGO, keep track of their global operations. There was no software vendor actually building something they could use, so they decided to build it themselves.

Taking it to the next level

We soon realized that the need to build tailored solutions to accommodate for a diverse and unique set of processes is the next big thing in digitalization. Today, we are building developer tools that help other engineers craft specialized software, enabling clients to keep track of their people, machines and legacy systems in over 30 countries around the world. At our core, we are deeply committed to delivering excellent products for hard-working people.

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It matters

We do what we do because we know it matters. What we do is more than a job, it’s a passion to push technology towards a better future. We go the extra mile to achieve our vision and we dream big. There is so much more to build – we are just warming up!

Be useful

We serve our users. Product excellence for us means ultra-detailed human-centric interfaces that look amazing whilst effectively streamlining our client’s business processes, reducing the burden on their daily routine. Our services are designed in a way that respects privacy and restricts data usage to the minimum.

Don’t be evil

An old motto from Silicon Valley but still highly relevant! We are committed to the positive external effects of our technologies. All of our solutions are given away for free or at discounted prices to help NGOs and civil society organizations to excel at their work.


Our sister-company Toladata is a social business enabling NGOs to create a positive impact. The project management suite keeps track of operations and monitors results providing solutions tailored to their needs. We at Humanitec are proud to develop and maintain this software product and support it with our engineering teams.

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