our vision

Make simple things simple and complex things possible

Platform engineering is revolutionizing how enterprises build and run their cloud-native setups.

Humanitec is at the core of this revolution, enabling teams to build Internal Developer Platforms (IDPs) and reach true developer self-service.

Powering your Internal Developer Platform

Humanitec powers your enterprise-grade Internal Developer Platform. Our products let platform teams remove bottlenecks by letting them build golden paths for developers.
The workload specification Score lets development teams describe the app architecture and its infrastructure dependencies.
The Platform Orchestrator reads this model, matches it to the templates and criteria set by the platform team, and generates new app and infra config files with every deployment.
Enterprises use Humanitec to standardize how they build and deliver software, enabling true developer self-service. This reduces lead time and slashes time to market."

Our principles

Be free

We are a group of free people. Each of us decides to contribute to an overall vision that we cherish to serve other engineering teams. We do this because we want to do just this, just now, and genuinely go “all in”. It is our free decision to build this company. We trust everybody to contribute to the best of their abilities with full focus and self-responsibility.

Be resourceful

We do not want to over-engineer processes and we don’t waste resources. Being resource-constrained forces us to find creative solutions, and use resources wisely to achieve our most important goals.

Be relentless

We constantly strive to improve and learn, seeking advice from advisors and industry veterans to understand how to close the gap between where we are and where we want to be. Our focus is on long-term goals, and we prioritize building new solutions that support our vision for the industry. We move quickly with simple solutions and execute commitments fully.

Embrace chaos

Creating anything, like a new developer tooling category, is messy. We hire people who thrive in complex environments and can pave their own way out of it.

Start building your own enterprise-grade Internal Developer Platform with Humanitec
Platform reference architectures

Vetted templates for scalable platform architectures

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