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“We need every single developer to focus on innovation to solve the world’s biggest challenges.”

Humanitec has a simple goal: to enable teams to master Continuous Delivery for Kubernetes-ready applications. The concept of Continuous Delivery is more than 10 years old, and it’s well proven that teams following this approach are much faster in developing new features and can focus much more on innovation than other teams.

We live in a world with an ever-increasing speed of technological enhancements: containerization and container orchestration solutions - such as the open-source project Kubernetes - are already mainstream. Other technologies (such as serverless) are starting to get traction. The number of tools to manage delivery in this new world is overwhelming, and the cognitive load for teams is constantly increasing.

There are a number of approaches to reach Continuous Delivery in this new world. Some teams are scripting everything and spending a lot of time with maintenance. Some companies can afford platform teams to provide a great developer experience for their teams. Some teams rely on Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions. All of these approaches come with disadvantages such as high costs, lock-in with specific providers, and a poor developer experience for teams. It’s time for a new approach.

Our product vision is Seamless Continuous Delivery, Ad-Hoc Creation of Environments, Versioning of Each Deployment, and Tracking of Each Change.

Our vision drives us to take a new approach to bridging the gap between CI pipelines and cloud infrastructure. Every developer should be able to deploy with confidence and teams should be able to focus on innovation to solve the world’s biggest challenges.

This is why we are working on an elegant, open API and a developer-focused UI to master Continuous Delivery for Kubernetes-ready applications. It helps teams increase development velocity by allowing engineers to easily spin up the tech they need on their own. Using Humanitec's abstractions and integrations, teams manage environments, simplify maintenance, and prevent cloud vendor lock-in.

Open Source

Our team actively contributes to open source communities and gives back to the community wherever possible. Over the years, we’ve contributed to the Buildly Core, the Buildly Frontend, TolaData, and released work in the area of robot test automation.

Our core values

Our unique culture is at the core of Humanitec. Driven by a shared passion, our team excels when confronted with the challenge of pushing technology beyond its current limits. We’ve defined six core values to guide how we make decisions, hire, and act.

Customer first

User focused to the core. From the developer to the executive we build what you need based on your feedback. We have no reason to exist if we can’t make your life easier.

Open and honest

A culture of open, meaningful and straight-to-the-point communication - the best idea always wins. The only thing that counts is solving the problem.

Driven by impact

What we do matters. We are pushing technology for a better tomorrow.

Don’t waste resources

We spend wisely and responsibly and only if it has a direct impact on our productivity or business.

Be diligent and challenge

To build something truly innovative requires hard work and rigorous attention to detail. We strive for excellence in everything we do.

Fail fast, learn fast

We have a healthy attitude towards failure. We continuously learn and analyze how to get better with every release.

Management team

Kaspar von Grünberg

CEO at Humanitec


Kaspar is the founder of Humanitec. He has spent the last 10 years building and running software companies from retail-applications and door-to-door campaigning technology to monitoring and evaluation for NGOs. His observations of common startup development challenges during this time ultimately became Humanitec’s founding vision.

Christoph Richter

COO at Humanitec


Christoph is passionate about enabling teams to adopt best practices to improve performance and reduce cognitive load. He has spent the last 10 years helping a variety of teams with his small startup, during the time he worked for McKinsey & Company and during his time as a Senior Vice President at XING. At Humanitec, Christoph is responsible for operations and implementation with a strong focus on the user. Christoph holds a PhD in engineering from the Technical University of Braunschweig and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Chris Stephenson

CTO at Humanitec


Chris is fascinated by the tackling of tough questions in cloud-native development. He headed the high-performance computing group at Lloyds of London, played several integral roles in building a number of tech-setups, at startups and acted as a product manager at Google working on an internal developer platform used across the company. At Humanitec Chris is responsible for all things technical. He holds a degree in Information and Computer Engineering from the University of Cambridge and also studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.