Design sensible abstractions

Score is an OSS workload specification. It allows developers to describe their workloads and dependencies  as code once and run them across all environments.
Score terminal

Design sensible abstractions

Score is used to build platform and self-service experiences for developers. Because it’s fully code-based it integrates seamlessly into the git-push workflow your team is using today.

Declarative by nature

Score lets developers define the resources required by their workloads in a declarative way. You declare once that your workload needs to listen on a port to receive requests - and don’t not need to worry where and how the exact port is defined in e.g. a remote Kubernetes environment. By declaring what the workload needs to run, the “how” becomes an environment specific implementation detail that is taken care of by Score.

Seamless tech 
stack and workflow integration

Score introduces a single change to your setup by adding a score.yaml file to your workloads’ repo. Everything else stays as is. Once Score is set up, you can continue using it even if the underlying tech stack changes.

How it works

Create a score.yaml file for the application
Spin up environment code snippet
Install a Score Implementation CLI
brew install score-spec/tap/score-humanitec
Run your first
score-humanitec run -f ./score.yaml -o ./humanitec.yaml
Run your workload
humctl deploy --humanitec ./humanitec-yaml hello world
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How it fits in

Humanitec’s Platform Orchestrator can interpret the Score specification and dynamically create the final app and infrastructure configurations.