Deployment Management

Git-push, deploy. Powerful deployment management that takes your code all the way from the built image to the running environment.

Old world

You either have no deployment management  or it’s self-scripted. It sort of works if nothing changes much and the environment structure and all the infrastructure remains unchanged.

New world

Automatically deploy your services and apps as fully provisioned environments. All configurations and infrastructure are set up and taken care of.

Automate everything

Deployment management for us means fully provisioned environments are spun up - as many as you want. This includes DNS, clusters, databases on the public cloud, hybrid or on-prem.

Developers drive deployments

Humanitec enables your team to dynamically spin up fully provisioned environments of any type on demand. Developers can deploy into temporary clones of environments to test hot-fixes before they go to production.

Ops stay in control

You can define who has permission to deploy to which type of environment. You easily allow teams to clone environments including databases and other resources without affecting the live setup.
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Roll-back, version and diff

Everytime a deployment happens in an environment, it is versioned. You treat deployments like code: roll-back to a good version or diff them to see what changed.

Log and audit

Every deployment is logged including code versions, configuration, time of deployment, and team member responsible.


Every deployment can also be exported as Kubernetes manifests. Following the industry standard YAML format enables you to run or store them anywhere without Humanitec.

Deployment automation

Deployment automation allows you to specify what gets automatically updated in each environment. Determine what images get updated and where the updates are rolled out to based on image names, tags or branches.

Container logs in one place

Avoid jumping between tools – get your container logs in the same place you manage your deployments.

Role Based Access Control

Define who is allowed to deploy where and perform what action. Everything is logged, everything makes audit a breeze.