FOR infrastructure platform engineers

Build one backend. For everyone.

Provide a single layer for both infrastructure teams and DevEx platform engineers to work against.


Shorter lead time

Config file reduction


Less config files



less maintenance overhead

Provide sophisticated automation

Drive standarization

Provide common

Build a platform backend that infra and ops teams can standardize against

Design a graph-based platform backend using the Platform Orchestrator. Enable your I&O teams to manage the entire lifecycle of infrastructure, at scale.

Serve your DevEx Platform Engineers and developers

Design complex logic into your platform backend with the Platform Orchestrator. Enable DevEx teams to build intuitive interfaces on top of it.


Provide devs, I&O and security teams with golden paths that scale

Use our  pre-configured Resource Packs and integrate your IaC

reference architectures aws

Packaged definitions for the most common resources used in setups running on Amazon Web Services.

reference architectures gcp

Tested packs for the most common resources used in setups running on the Google Cloud Platform.

reference architectures azure

Tested packs for the most common resources used in setups running on Microsoft Azure.

Start with reference architectures

Learn how to combine your existing toolchain into an Internal Developer Platform. Try our reference architectures packaged as code.

Why Humanitec?

Market leader in platform engineering
Churn rate: 0%
Highest ROI.Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
99% adoption rate
100% roll out success
NPS score: 87

See how Convera built their IDP with Humanitec

Convera wanted to build an IDP to accelerate their modernization journey and increase developer productivity.

They initially tried to stitch together their Terraform and CI/CD tools into a pipeline-based backend. Realizing that wouldn’t scale to moved to a graph-based backend with Humanitec’s Platform Orchestrator.

Why they chose Humanitec to build their IDP:

  • Target architecture design: 3 weeks
  • Platform MVP delivered: 14 days
  • Full integration: 8 weeks
  • 80% of apps ported after 3 months
  • Onboarding a new developer: 40 minutes
We were looking for a solution that was safe, fast, and cost-effective. Humanitec checked all these boxes for us. It allowed us to streamline our operations without compromising on quality or security.

Dive deeper

Why every Internal Developer Platform needs
a backend
It’s not enough to just have an Internal Developer Platform. To get results, it needs to be done right, and that means building an effective platform backend, a Platform Orchestrator.
The role of infrastructure teams in the platform engineering era
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