Reuse and automate code

Reuse your microservices from your internal marketplace. Launch them in seconds. Learn why dev-teams and freelancers around the globe rely on our products so they can focus on true innovation.

Reusability through joint authentication layers in microservice architectures

We make your microservices intercompatible no matter the framework or stack.

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Your internal library

Easily port your existing library of services to our platform with authentication out of the box.

Blueprints to speed you up

Never code the same CRUD modules again - we have pre-made services to skip the drudgery.

Share services with the community

It's optional but allows you to monetize. Through the Core-API we make sure they are compatible with our network.

At the forefront of deployment and development automation.

Out of the box one-click deployment to any infrastructure and rapid application development for your server-side configuration.

Kubernetes deployment hassle-free

From microservice to running app in seconds with Kubernetes deployment to any infrastructure.

Deployment automation

Don't worry about authentication

Bifrost and Midgard are our authentication layers that make sure microservices are compatible and secure.

Rapid development

Run and monitor all your apps in one place

All your performance and logging data in one web interface regardless of the provider.

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Win more pitches and deliver world-class quality with less up-front investment

Walhall lets you make real, enterprise-scale demos instead of just click dummies.

Build prototypes in minutes to win clients

Launch your branded app in minutes (as opposed to weeks) under

Offer hosting services at higher margins

Prolong your monetization cycle by offering devops services to your clients.

Make money alongside your clients

Offer your clients to monetize their microservices in different industries.

And the best part? We’re no more expensive than a typical hosting provider.