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Application Configuration Management

Manage configurations where it is used - close to your environments. In a versioned, easy to maintain, and scalable manner.
Release orchestration for development environments
A version control system for all your configurations
Handling configurations across multiple services running in multiple environments on different providers is complex. Manage configurations such as environment variables, secrets, and runtime parameters next to where they are used: your environments. Use our UI or -  for automation and advanced use cases - our API.

Manage configurations across all your apps, environments, and cloud-providers with Deployment Sets.

A new way to manage application configuration

Instead of trying to shoehorn configurations for your different environments into each service’s git repository - store your configuration alongside the environment they apply to.
Say hello to Deployment Sets!

Keep track

With deployment sets, it is easy to detect and trace changes in configuration.
We provide a systematic way of separating environment-specific configuration from environment-agnostic configuration. This allows you to track the material configuration changes between environments without the noise caused by things that will always be different.

Roll back easily

Deployment broken? Can happen. Humanitec has you covered by keeping track of every change for every deployment to every environment. This allows you to simply roll back to the last working deployment.

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