Application Configuration Management

Never fight with unstructured scripts again. Define baseline configs, let anyone apply structured changes and generate manifests per deployment.

Old world

Configurations are saved in unstructured scripts and YAML files leading to knowledge silos. They are altered per deployment and executed. They are hard to debug, maintain and govern.

New world

Manifests are generated at deployment time and automatically applied to clusters. Out-of-cluster resources are automatically provisioned as required. Changes to the configuration can be done through the API, CLI, or UI.

How it works

Define baseline configurations

Define how your workloads run. Two replicas? Default CPU? Memory allocation? Side-car container? Devs can easily override these as needed.

Deal with environment variables

Manage environment variables across services and environments. Store them securely as secrets. Inject them at run-time and track any changes to them between deployments.

Change through API/UI or CLI

Add images, change the liveness probe, override configuration values or even completely replace the default configs.

Generate manifests with every deployment

At deployment time Humanitec will apply all changes to the baseline configuration and generate manifests per deployment. Those manifests can be exported or deployed with configurable deployment automation.
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Separate out environment specific configuration

Humanitec provides a structured way to separate configuration changes in each environment from configuration continuity across environments.

Compare configuration across environments

Humanitec highlights the material changes between any two deployments in any environment. This reduces the noise from things you expect to change between environments.

Manage configurations at scale

Manage configurations across all your apps, environments and cloud-providers in a single view per deployment. Easily roll-back, export and share.

Environment variable best practices

Environment variables are the best practice way of externalizing and parameterizing your configuration. Humanitec gives you a powerful way of managing environment variables across services and environments.

Export manifests

Humanitec allows you to export the full manifests of any deployment carried out on the platform. You can use these to run deployments yourself without Humanitec.