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Role Based Access Control

We help you to manage who is allowed to deliver to which environment or access what infrastructure. Let your team move fast without breaking things.

Old world

You work with artificial or old data to test new releases because your developers aren’t able to autonomously spin up environments without gaining access to the database. This results in an ops bottleneck.

New world

Manage permissions and role based access to all your infrastructure and environments from one central spot. Define deployment permissions such as what can be accessed by whom and where and when.

Fine grained access control

Humanitec allows you to set roles by organization, application, environment and down to the deployment. This allows you to granularly manage security and allow teams to work autonomously without access to everything.

Build sophisticated sign-off workflows

Limit who can deploy to specific environments. Use webhooks to trigger your custom sign-off workflows so that you avoid surprises in Production.

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Permissions for environments

Humanitec allows developers to spin up fully provisioned environments dynamically. You can control who can deploy based on the type of environment. For example, devs in specific roles can deploy to development but not to production environments.

Per app access control

Teams can collaborate on apps as developers or viewers. App owners can choose who gets access.

Permissions for infrastructure orchestration

Keep infrastructure configuration in the Ops team.

More powerful features

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