Leverage Kubernetes in deployment automation

From code to deployed service in seconds

Deploy your enterprise app from individual GitHub repositories in seconds: select the repositories and let our deployment automation platform Walhall take care of the rest: fully automated continuous integration and deployment. Walhall will also allow you to create and configure environments to fully support your development process and to monitor both, your deployed services as well as your repositories.

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Experience the most simple workflow automating and focus on the engineering moments.

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Choose all required GitHub repositories

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Leverage Kubernetes in deployment automation using our developer platform Walhall

Walhall is a powerful and developer friendly platform for building and deploying container based applications to hosted Kubernetes environments.  We provide all the tools you need to monitor, maintain, scale and deploy your application all in one screen.  A simple interface and super fast process for your microservice, logical service or monolith application.Once you have a collection of services, you can also use Walhall to manage them via your own internal library and marketplace. With Walhall you will be able to redeploy new applications reusing and customizing your existing services or combining them with a collection of open source services to rapidly speed up your development process.  Allowing you to eliminate the Ops from your DevOps process.

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Let Walhall do the work and say hello to your functional app at yourapp.newapp.io

Concentrate on coding

You focus on coding while Walhall takes care of everything else from Git to the deployed services.

Your app live and running

We deploy your code to our global delivery network to create configurable development, staging, and production environments. You can get new instances and back up from one interface.

Monitoring and logging in one place

Walhall streams performance and logging data from your apps into one unified UI. Don't forget to have an eye on resource allocation, usage, costs and security situations.

Redundant and ultra-secure network auto-configured for massive scale

We deploy to our multi-cloud, global delivery network to achieve the best performance at the lowest cost wherever you are in the world.

Simple onboarding

We integrated smoothly in your existing workflow and infrastructure. Get your team started in minutes.

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