Deployment Automation for Containerized Apps

Reduce your workflow complexity and transform your workflow into a streamlined, automated activity.

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Deployment Automation for containerized apps

Our platform abstracts away tedious details like Kubernetes configuration to simplify the deployment of your modern web app to an internal dev environment.

K8s configs fully automated

Behind-the-scenes, our platform loads container images into a registry, spins your database, configure namespaces in Kubernetes, takes care of ingress, SSL, DNS, secrets, manifests, and the setup of your environment. It abstracts away the management of environment variables, the defining of configurations, and the scripting of YAML-files.

Run your dev infrastructure from one place

Speed up the configuration process. Begin to work in a clean, error-free environment that reduces your cognitive load.

Automated and intuitive

Leverage abstraction to simplify the complexity of your workflow

Deploy to K8s

Deploy code from your VCS repositories to a Kubernetes cluster without detailed knowledge of Kubernetes cluster configuration.

No scripting

Go from codebase to a running modern web app within a few clicks without scripting.

Easy config

Reduce the time you spend configuring, scripting, and setting up of new environments.

Humanitec has built an Internal Developer Platform to simplify the deployment and testing of your modern web apps.

As an Environments-as-a-Service (EaaS) solution, our platform leverages abstraction to help you speed up the configuration process — so that you can focus on what you do best.

Coding rather than configuring.

Open an account and deploy your modern web app to an internal dev environment within 10-minutes. Learn how.

Crazy simple, isn’t it?

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