Build, run and monitor apps in seconds.

Deploy your enterprise app with pre-configured authentication and continuous integration, right from your GitHub repository. It's free now and forever.

Click, Click, Wow

Experience the most simple workflow automating all your configs
so you can focus on the things that matter: engineering moments.

Give your app a name

Choose your services and clients

Click “publish” and sit back

Say hello to your functional app at ""

We'll take care of everything on the server side:

Start coding right away

All the code gets forked to your GitHub account. We support continuous deployment from your repo with a CI/CD pipeline.

Your app is live and running

We deploy your code to our global delivery network and create multiple environments. You can get new instances and backups from one interface.

Identity management with BiFrost and Midgard

Every deployed app contains BiFrost and Midgard, our joint authentication layer. They make sure that all the microservices are connected and authenticated in the frontend and backend.

Monitoring and logging in one place

Walhall streams performance and logging data from your applications into a unified UI. 

Global delivery network auto-configured for scale

We deploy our multi-cloud global delivery network to achieve the best performance at the lowest cost wherever you are in the world.

Using the tool is free, but we are here to help if you need us

While using our tools is free of charge, you can book service packages if you need assistance. We hope our documentation can help you in most cases.

No difference between hosting with us or the provider

You pay for hosting like with any other provider while we guarantee you the lowest possible cost.

Much faster with our rapid development approach

We've got microservice blueprints in multiple tech stacks that you can use to get started building and deploying your app.

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