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Open source Drivers

Drivers enable the Platform API to provision resources (e.g. databases, file storage, DNS, clusters). Our Driver library covers most AWS, GCP and Azure resources. You can reuse or build your own.

How it fits in

The Platform API uses drivers to provision resources at deployment time. Users define what types of resources their workloads need and then start a deployment through the UI, CLI or API. For example, if a workload depends on a new Postgres database, the Platform API will call the appropriate driver to spin up a Postgres database and wire it up to the workload. You can specify exactly where and how the Postgres database is provisioned. Drivers can be used directly or wrap existing IaC modules.

Integrate everything

150+ open source Drivers built by the community.

Why Drivers?

In order to enable developer self-service you need to codify the way your team interacts with cloud resources. Drivers enable you to express exactly how you want a resource such as a database to be provisioned. Rather than embedding IaC in your pipelines or executing it manually, Drivers allow the Platform API to dynamically call them at the request of a developer.

Drivers or Driver + IaC

A Driver implements the Humanitec Driver API which is made up of 2 HTTP endpoints (PUT and DELETE). The Driver takes whatever steps necessary to provision the desired resource and returns parameters that are injected into workloads at runtime. Drivers can be implemented using any technology stack that can serve HTTP requests. Drivers don’t need to make API calls themselves, they can also embed Terraform, Pulumi, CloudFormation or any other IaC approach.
Open source Drivers

How Drivers are used

Drivers are used by Humanitec at deployment time. Resources are provisioned based on dependencies defined by application developers. Which Driver is used and how it is configured is defined by the Ops team. For example, a developer defines a dependency on a Postgres database on a particular workload.
At deployment time Humanitec identifies which Driver to use to provision the database. The Driver creates the database returning connection information such as db-name, host, port, username and password. These are then injected into the workload.

Reuse Drivers or build your own

Humanitec supports a number of Drivers that you can reuse. We currently cover the majority of use cases for the AWS, GCP and Azure ecosystem. Additional Drivers are built by our community for several other specific use cases. You can build your own Drivers to express the exact requirements of your setup.
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