Product Overview

Your platform, your way

Build your Internal Developer Platform in days, not years. Relieve pressure on Ops by enabling developer self-service.

The power stack

Humanitec enables developers to self-serve the tech they need to run their apps on their own. The platform API streamlines application configuration management, provisions infrastructure using open source drivers and deals with RBAC. Developers self-serve deployments, environments, databases and logs through the UI or CLI.
Orchestrate Deloyments

The Platform API

Let Development request databases, environments and more without fiddling with scripts or filing tickets with Operations.
The platform API is the core of Humanitec. It lets Ops codify how infrastructure is provisioned and enables developer self-service. It deals with RBAC and also provides a scalable way of dealing with application configurations. Rather than maintaining a zoo of configuration files, Ops simply set baseline YAMLs.

Developers can apply changes to this baseline through the Self-Service UI or CLI. They can add environment variables, resources and manage secrets. Humanitec then creates manifests and applies them to the cluster through the Kubernetes API. They can then be stored in a specified repository.
Orchestrate provisioning

Integrate & customize

Humanitec integrates with any CI pipeline (through a simple CURL or WGET) and gets notified of new image builds. It connects to any registry to pull images to be deployed to the correct namespace. Optionally, it can integrate with CD tools like Harness, Flux, Argo and others.
True self-service

Developer Self-Service UI and CLI

Enable developers to use abstractions but leave the options to define everything in plain YAML

Preview environments

Spin up fully provisioned environments with a single command. Manage your fleet of environments.

Service creation

Spin up a new workload, add default configs and resources within minutes and deploy it anywhere.

Resource provisioning

Provision resources like databases, file-storage, DNS, clusters and more on the fly.


Self-serve deployments from a unified CLI or UI. A unified experience across tools and infrastructure.

Instant rollbacks

Understand what changes were introduced between deployments and roll-back instantly.

E2E visibility

Understand what services are running in what state in what environments. Stream logs and debug.
Start building your own Internal Developer Platform with Humanitec.
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higher deploy frequency

Iterate in small, incremental bits and drive productivity.

reduction in waiting times

Blocked environment? Get a new one. Never wait again.

reduced MTTR

Enable everybody to track where errors are introduced

lower change failure rate

Test thoroughly before production environments.

Empower don’t restrict

Golden Paths, not Cages

Nothing restricts users more than being able to self-serve in 90% of the cases but being restricted in edge-cases. Which is why Humanitec let’s you set golden paths but developers can deviate.
They can script everything in YAML or IaC, check it in with the platform API and Humanitec will plainly execute. Use the fine-grained RBAC to define who is allowed to go off-path!
Our customers

We’re powering platform pioneers

Humanitec is enabling self-service for engeneering teams at Enterprises, Unicorns and Startups.

“As we rapidly scaled, Ops came under massive pressure. Since we enabled developer self-service with Humanitec, Ops aren't a bottleneck anymore and we are shipping features 4x faster!“

Markus Schünemann
CTO at Lano
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“The fact alone that Humanitec enables us to spin up fully provisioned environment with a single command is tremendously helpful. No more waiting times due to blocked environments!“

Emil Kilhage
Co-founder & Lead Architect at AlexisHR
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“This product irrationally excites me. I was always a believer of ‘you build it, you run it’. Humanitec makes this a reality.”

Aaron Erickson
Built platform at Salesforce
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The power stack