Standardize how you build and operate apps, from local to prod

Humanitec’s Platform Orchestrator is the centerpiece of a dynamic Internal Developer Platform. It enables developer self-service and standardizes app and infra configs across your delivery setup.

How it works

The Platform Orchestrator reads a Declarative Application Model. It then dynamically creates a representation of the app with every deployment and deploys it.

What is a Platform Orchestrator?

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Standardization by design

The Declarative Application Model describes app and infrastructure configurations, separating environment agnostic from environment specific elements.

What is Dynamic Configuration Management?

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Full context, less cognitive load

Devs can select their preferred level of context when self-serving the tech they need to run their apps. Platform teams set reusable templates for infrastructure and app configs to drive standardization by design.

Easy to integrate

Humanitec sits post CI and integrates with all the tools and practices you are using today.

Self-service at scale

Developers choose what interface they use to compose and operate their app in self-service
reduction in manual tasks through automation.
reduction in waiting times
reduction in cloud cost through efficient utilization
less time spent maintaning scripts and pipeline
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