Build a reusable code-library

Create the internal microservice library you and your team always needed.

Case Study

Viessmann is global category-heatingsystems with an annual turnover of 2.3 B USD. Viessmanns IT is all in on inner source management. They started with Walhall early 2018 standardizing microservices to optimize workflows in their internal alignement between IoT devices and their installation workforce.
Fastforward 1,5 years Viessmann is driving speed and satisfaction with standardized services and reduced manual configs on our end-to-end automation platform.

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This is how it works: start reusing code, develop faster and earn money

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Speed through reusability

Developers and enterprises can reuse code and alter it in any way. This lets them focus on innovation instead of coding the same basic things over and over again.

Save money

80% of teams surveyed identify redundancy in their code base as the number one driver of employee dissatisfaction and poor performance in their IT organization.

Your code ownership is guaranteed and secured

Your code stays in your repository so it's save and sound. As a cloud-native "compatibility layer" we make sure all your services work well while leaving them where they are.

Any stack, any framework

As long as they use REST APIs, your services can be integrated into BiFrost and Midgard, our core authentication layer, regardless of stack or framework.

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Hazzle-free onboarding

Its intuitive to learn, integrates into your existing workflow and developers love it.

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Rapid development

BiFrost and Midgard take care of the annoying parts of configuring a microservice architecture so you can focus on coding.

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Automated deployment

Your team doesn't have to spend time setting up deployment or CI/CD pipelines - Walhall takes care of it.

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