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Why build an Internal Developer Platform?

An Internal Developer Platform is like Heroku but sits on top of the tech you already use. Many teams, from top tech companies to innovative startups have built their own Internal Developer Platforms to improve their delivery and developer experience.

Accelerate Developers

An Internal Developer Platform allows developers to spin up fully provisioned environments, self-serve the tech you need and deliver code autonomously, fast.


Code where you
always code


Git-push as usual


Run on your Internal Developer Platform

Relieve pressure on ops

Integrate all your tech, set default configurations and create scalable workflows for application developers.

Why teams build Internal Developer Platforms

Make developers self-serving

An Internal Developer Platform frees developers from worrying about the underlying setup. There’s a sense of freedom in having a structure which enforces standards in configs meaning they are able to focus their energies on more creative tasks.

“We had allowed ourselves to go off-path too often. That’s dangerous.”
Paolo Garri
Director of Technology at SPORT 1

When should you consider an Internal Developer Platform?

It’s a good time to start looking at Internal Developer Platforms when you adopt microservices, go multi-cloud, or realize your ops team is under pressure.

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