No lock-in. Promise.

When working with cloud platforms and tools, users often find themselves at risk of vendor lock-in. They built their infrastructure using specific vendors and then cannot easily migrate to other solutions or providers.

To avoid locking themselves into yet another tool, many teams end up scripting their whole continuous delivery flow themselves.

However, scripting is not an option for enterprises that want to grow and scale their business - it takes too much time to onboard new engineers and requires a lot of maintenance.

In an ideal world, the tools that we work with would keep the no lock-in promise and allow teams to choose the best technology there is without being scared of migration costs.

Back up the trust that you are asking for

Building trust in your product is a long process but it is a MUST for enterprise tools. At Humanitec, we always strive to build a trustworthy product. We want to live by the promises we make to our users, and one of them is no lock-in.

Without doubt, working on a feature that shows your users the exit path feels strange! However, we believe that in the long term it will be rewarding and will always push us to strive for the best.

Export Manifests for any deployment

So what is the exit path that we provide to our user? Recently we have released a feature that allows users to Export Manifests for any deployment recorded on our platform. This means as a user you have full ownership of your configmap, deployment, ingress, secrets and service .yaml files as well as any other external dependencies you may have.

Export Kubernetes Manifests
Easy export of Kubernetes manifests

Essentially, this opens up the possibility for users to not only migrate easily, but also, use us as a yaml generator and deploy on their own. Should we be worried about that? No - we want our customers to stay because they love our product, not because we made it difficult for them to leave. 😉 Have a look yourself and test it for free.
Or check our documentation for more details.