Infrastructure is expensive

Anyone managing and maintaining infrastructure knows that expenses can quickly add up, especially as you scale and add more users, making things hard to control. In the current macro environment, paying for infrastructure to run applications that nobody is using can really hurt you.

What’s absurd is that is the case in the vast majority of engineering organizations today. Most non-production environments are only used for 6 to 8 hours during a weekday. The rest of the day, development and staging environments sit idle, while still consuming resources and increasing your infrastructure expenses.

To help teams address this issue and better navigate a time of cost-cutting, we are rolling out an exciting new feature that lets you pause and resume environments. This, combined with a cluster autoscaler, can make a huge difference in how you efficiently manage your idle infrastructure.

How does it work?

Pausing of the environments with the Humanitec Platform Orchestrator means scaling down all application workloads of the type Deployment to 0 replicas. Then the cluster autoscaler picks up lowered demand for the resources and reduces the size of the cluster. As a result, a lower number of pods consume fewer resources and save you cloud costs.

An environment can be paused with a single action. You need to be an organization administrator, or application owner or developer with a deployer environment role to be authorized to initiate an environment pausing or resuming.

Pause Environment - Humanitec

While the environment is paused, it is not possible to make deployments or manually adjust the number of replicas for individual workloads. The environment can easily be resumed any time, with a single click of a button or API call. All the workloads will be then scaled back to the same number of replicas they were at before pausing. Other workload types, like CronJobs and Stateful Sets, will not be affected by the new pausing functionality.

Resume environment - Humanitec

The environments will be resumed to the exact same state as they were before pausing, without any loss of data or other settings. The only impact of these actions is a lower bill from your infrastructure provider.

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