Escaping the VMware cage with a modular Internal Developer Platform

As VMware exploits its lock-in, over 300,000 organizations across the globe are looking to escape. Humanitec, Thoughtworks, and Bechtle Competence Center AVS explain how to do this in the fastest most cost-efficient way.


Humanitec, Thoughtworks, and Bechtle Competence Center AVS join forces to help users avoid becoming Broadcom cash cows.

After its recent acquisition of VMware, Broadcom has increased prices by 600-1000%. This move is based on the assumption that their customers have no choice. Which isn’t true. Modular Internal Developer Platforms (IDPs) built with Humanitec’s products allow for a low-effort transition in combination with higher product maturity and a superior developer experience. But more importantly: they substantially reduce lock-in.

In this whitepaper we’ll cover:

  • What your situation means depending on the products you use
  • Our solution and how it works with your target architecture
  • Your migration path and how our alliance can help you

A sneak peak of the solution

Our approach helps you separate the hardware and virtualization layer from the software and orchestration component. You can keep utilizing VMWare hardware or migrate quickly to any other provider.

See below for two examples reference architectures, please note that all components are interchangeable.