Kubernetes Benchmarking Study 2022

The gap between top performers and average engineering teams is widening. If you look close enough, self-service seems to be the secret of superior performance.


You should read this if ...

  • You are are planning to adopt Kubernetes or you are already in the adoption phase
  • You care about improving your Kubernetes setup for your team
  • You want to close the gap to top performing engineering teams

Vertical Bar chart
We underestimated the complexity of Kubernetes

Over 53% of respondents (>3 on a scale from “fully disagree” = 1 to “fully agree” = 5) state they underestimated the complexity of Kubernetes. What’s even more interesting, there’s only a small difference between low and top performers (~± 3%). The majority of high performers actually agree they too have underestimated the difficulty of rolling out K8s.

This raises the question of what organizations were expecting from adopting Kubernetes that didn’t materialize, slowing down the implementation and preventing them from completing the roll out.