Platform Engineering Forrester Opportunity Snapshot

Forrester’s Opportunity Snapshot shows how platform engineering initiatives can help boost developer experience (DX) and productivity and their impacts on business metrics.


Economic uncertainty is shaking up the tech industry with increased pressure on infrastructure and engineering teams to optimize costs. At the same time, they realize progress and innovation must be accelerated as it is the key lever to create business value.

Key findings from Forrester’s Opportunity Snapshot:

  • Tech leaders invest in Internal Developer Platforms (IDPs) to increase revenue through faster time to market (TTM) and improved customer satisfaction.
  • An IDP can not only significantly improve the developer experience, it can also have a major impact on developer productivity that drives overall organizational performance.
  • Improving the DX can have a significant impact on developer retention, meeting digital business initiatives success, and grow revenue in a budget-restricted environment.

Forrester Opportunity Snapshot: A Custom Study Commissioned By Humanitec, February 2023